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Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in Several Areas


GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Saturday continued prosecution of  armed terrorist groups in rural Damascus, Idleb and Homs where scores of terrorists were killed or wounded and their shelters destroyed.

In  rural Damascus , several terrorists were killed  or wounded in Daraya and Otaiba , Mansoura, Erbeen , Zamalka  and al-Bahdalia towns and their weapons destroyed or confiscated.

Among the killed terrorists were Bilal Gbeis, Muhammad al-Talli, Muhammad Arafeh,  a leader of one terrorist group Muhammad al-Habboul.

In rural Idleb, significant casualties  were inflicted on the ranks of terrorists and their shelters  destroyed  in the area between Qmeinas and Sermin, al-Neirab, Khan al-Sobol and Bennish village , while a reservoir in Ihsem town,  contains large amounts of ammunition and weapons , used by terrorists in their criminal acts against the town and its surrounding villages was destroyed.

In rural Homs , terrorists suffered heavy losses in series of qualitative operations during which their weapons and ammunition were destroyed in al-Rastan, al-Zafaraan, Aqrab, Tell Dahab and al-Haula areas.

Terrorists Abdullah Hussein , Shamel al-Ahmad, Shueib al-Qasem, Ridwan Senno, Naser Azouz Malik al-Kurdi, Abdul Karim Saad eddine and the specialist in booby trapping cars Obeida al-Quteibi  were  exterminated , and their weapons, including mortars and two vehicles fitted with heavy machine guns were destroyed.

The armed forces, on the other hand, thwarted an  infiltration  attempt  made by terrorists from the Lebanese territory into Syria in rural Telkalakh in Homs  at Eyoun al-Shara, and Aziz  sites and left its members killed or wounded.

On the other hand, fifteen citizen , abducted  earlier by armed terrorist groups in al-Misherfeh area in east Homs, were released in  cooperation between the competent authorities and the People's Commission for National Reconciliation in Homs.

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces destroyed terrorists shelters  to the east of al-Neirab area, Tel Hasel, Tel Sheghib,  and al-Naqqarin and Kafr Antone resulted in  killing scores of terrorists  and destroying  6 cars loaded with weapons and ammunition.

In Lattakia countryside a clash erupted  between armed terrorist groups on sharing loot in  al-Malik ( the King ) and Beit al-Jerdi villages resulted  in killing or wounding many of them.

On the other hand engineering units dismantled two explosive devices, each weighs 7 kg on al-Haffe- Salah eddine castle, whereas more terrorists were exterminated in al-Shaqra village resulted in eliminating several terrorists.

In Hama, several terrorists were killed and their automatic rifles were confiscated in Masha al-Arbeen quarters. Terrorist Hamdou Sobh was killed during the operation.


Terrorist Confesses Bombing al-Qseir National Hospital

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Terrorist Abdul Hadi Mohamed Khalif  acknowledged  that , together with an armed terrorist group,  he destroyed the national hospital in al-Qseir area in rural Homs  through detonating improvised explosive devices planted in a tunnel they dug under the hospital , resulted in the martyrdom of several  staff members and nurses in it.

In  televised confessions to the Syrian TV on Saturday evening terrorist Khalif said  he was born in al-Hamedia village of rural al-Qseir in 1989 and joined Muhannad Ghannoum terrorist group, nicknamed as " Abu Bakr"  who  came from Baba Amr with 25 militants  equipped with weapons , machine guns ,  launchers and other equipment.

Terrorist Khalif " added  that "Abu Bakr" planned  digging the  tunnel under the  hospital  from the house of  a man from Harba family, at a length of 300 meters and in parallel tunnel was planted  with explosives, detonated remotely .

He also admitted the abduction of 15 people from al-Oqerbia village and other 5 people from al- Ghassaniya village and transferred them to Firas Akkari house and knifed one of them, and stole two cars at Abele junction.

"We got weapons and money from a person named Dabah Ghannoum and his two sons. They had come from Lebanon." The terrorist said.

Meantime,  al-Qaeda affiliated  al-Nusra Front terrorist group claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack which targeted al-Hayat hospital in the  Municipal Stadium area  in Aleppo on  October 9th  , 2012 , led to the deaths of more than thirty citizens and dozens wounded and heavy material damages in the  Hospital , in the central  hospital , a school and  adjoining residential buildings.

A video aired by extremist sites linked to al-Qaeda organization showed stages of booby trapping a medium-sized truck designed to transport food by more than a thousand kilograms of explosives and the terrorist who carried out the attack.


A Solidarity Stand in Occupied Golan with Homeland

DAMASCUS,(ST)- Our people in the occupied Golan staged  on Saturday   a solidarity stand with the people of the motherland in the face of terrorism. They renewed and expressed their loyalty to the Syrians in the motherland against terrorism acts ,and condemned the terrorist bombing that hit al-Thawra street in Damascus city on last Thursday.

Our people in the occupied Golan expressed ,in their solidarity standing  in theMujahid Sultan Pasha al-Atrash Yard in Majdal Shams, "strong condemnation of the terrorist acts carried out by criminal gangs and foreign-backed terrorism which supported by the United States and Israel and their tools in the region."

Participants called for using  iron fist against  the armed terrorist groups that target country, stressing that Syria will attain  victory by the unity of its people and their steadfastness beside to the support for the Syrian Arab army in the ongoing operations against terrorists.

Our people in the occupied Golan stressed in a statement the day before that terrorist acts are evidence of bankruptcy for those who bet on the steadfastness of the Syrian people,Stressing continuing the path of resistance and challenge the practices of the arbitrary occupation terrorist till the return to the bosom of the motherland Syria.



562 Tourism Projects At A Cost of 139 Billion Syrian Pounds

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The number of Tourism projects of  hotels and restaurants  in the province of  Damascus reached 562 tourism projects.

These projects included under implementation and invested tourism projects , some have a preliminary approval and others under study at an investment cost amounted to about 139 Billion Syrian pounds.

Number of  invested projects of  Hotels & Restaurants in the province reached 379 tourist facilities at an investment cost estimated at 39 billion Syrian pounds which included 145 hotels at an investment cost amounted to about 29 Billion  Syrian pounds and 234 restaurants at an investment cost of about 10 Billion  Syrian pounds, declared Tourism Directorate in Damascus countryside according to  a statement by the Ministry of Tourism.

Directorate of Tourism added that tourism projects in Damascus under implementation are 155 projects, of which 9 projects reached completion percentage above 90 percent and the total investment value without the value of land is 74 billion Syrian pounds.

The Directorate indicated that the projects that obtained preliminary approval and are under a license reached 18 tourist projects at an investment cost of 17 billion Syrian Pounds.

The projects under study for a preliminary approval have reached the number of 10 projects.

The required papers have been completed and are under an initial approval at an investment cost of  9 Billion Syrian pounds.



Patriarch Lahham Calls on International Community to Support Political Solution in Syria

Damascus, (ST)_ Patriarch Gregory III Laham, of Antioch, Alexandria ,Jerusalem and all the East of the  Greek Catholics  renewed call on  the whole world to stop the flow of arms to Syria,  urging  the international community to support Syria in its efforts to achieve the process of dialogue as a prelude for a political solution to the crisis.

"We appeal to the God Almighty to bless the souls of  martyrs and victims who fell in the terrorist bombing in Damascus Thursday of civilians , students, children and for a speedy recovery to the injured and commiseration  to those who lost their beloved relatives." Patriarch Lahham added in a statement on Friday .

"we appeal the world's conscience ,presidents, institutions , nations ,global forums , advocates of peace ,  to His Holiness the Pope ,to the episcopal conferences in the Christian world and Arab countries  leaders to listen to our voices and not to ignore  their responsibility towards , killings, violence and destruction, bombings and sowing  discord , hatred and hostility among the  people of one homeland. "

He  stressed "support for the efforts to convene  dialogue" because " dialogue is the  program  of the Government and people of Syria and because it is our  heritage and part of  our conviction" appealing to everyone to join Syria 's  march for dialogue and reconciliation.

The Patriarch also appealed  the UN Security Council ,the European Union and all countries of the world  to support national  dialogue, peaceful solution and  stop arming combatants, calling on Russia and the US in particular, "to continue  sincere in support  of dialogue and peaceful  solution  to eliminate  the sufferings of Syrians.

The patriarch also  renewed call on  Damascene Patriarchate parishioners  to fast and pray for the safety, security and peace in Syria and for the success of the dialogue  and reconciliation efforts.

T. Fateh

Daring Operations against Terrorists Continue

GOVERNORATES, (ST)_ In a series of qualitative operations, the armed forces inflicted  heavy losses on the ranks of terrorists  in Duma, Harasta and al-Hajar al-Aswad (Black Stones) farms  in rural Damascus and destroyed four vehicles used by  terrorists in their crimes and 23 mm caliber anti aircraft artillery.

Sniper terrorists Abdul Rahman al-Shighri, Abdul Ghani al-Atrash, Wael Salam, Muhammad Abdul Hadi, Ahmad al-Hassan, Zahr al-Dalati, Bassam Hamid were among many other exterminated terrorists.

Three  cars manned by terrorists were destroyed in al-Saqi area in al-Nabk, several terrorists were arrested and 20 thousand electric detonators were confiscated prepared to be used  in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices.

Several terrorists were killed  in Teldo, al-Houla, Aqrab, Tell Dahab, Kafraya, al-Sultania towns  and Jobar farms in rural Homs while two cars loaded with terrorists and three motorcycles  were destroyed in Kammam town.

In Idleb countryside,  two armed terrorist groups clashed on Friday  following a dispute on the sharing of the loot stolen  from  houses in Saraqeb, resulted in killing 10 terrorists, including  Hussein al-Khalaf, Adel Zreiq, Yahya Rajab, and Ahmad al-Issa , nicknamed  as al-Da'our, according to  governorate official source.

The  engineering units dismantled two explosive devices, each weighs  between 40 and 50 kg planted by  terrorists on Orom –al-Jouz- Kafr Shalaya in Arieha  and another explosive  in Bilal street in the same area ,  designed to be  remotely detonated.

In Aleppo city and countryside, scores of terrorists who were carrying  acts of robbery and looting in al-Dahabia, al-Aziza, Tel Hasel, Mang, Anadan, Mayer , Hraitan, Tel Sheghib and Mare'  were killed or wounded, whereas direct hits were achieved  against terrorists in Hananou, Qadi Askar, al-Mayser, al-Naqqarin, al-Helwania, Allirmoun  and Bustan al-Qasr areas in the city of Aleppo .


Sovereignty First and Foremost :Media Source

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian government has always believed and still believes that the genuine victory due to be achieved will be for all the Syrians . Furthermoe,the political solution is the way to achieve this victory, a media source said on Friday.

the political system , the government and elections in Syria is a Syrian mere  issue,added the source .

The source made it clear that  President Bashar Al-Assad does not discuss these internal issues with non-Syrians.

"obviously, UN Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, is not able to apprehend the Syrian doctrine which puts the concept of sovereignty first and foremost" underscored the source.