3 Tourist Projects at a Cost of 521 mln SP

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Ministry of Tourism put three investment projects in service last January by 30 rooms and 50 beds at a cost of 521, 8 Syrian Pounds (SP) and granted licenses for 3 tourist projects by 242 rooms and 394 beds at a cost estimated at  I,330 billion SP.

In a statement she made yesterday, Director of Tourist Facilities, eng. Rama al -Sheikh,  clarified that the projects were placed in service included a hotel, a restaurant (three stars) and a coastal  pool in Tartous at a cost of 161,500 million SP and Gelnar restaurant in Damascus (two stars) at a cost of 40,800 million Syrian Pounds in addition to Jagnon Restaurants project in Latakia (two stars)  at a cost of 319, 500 Syrian Pounds.

She pointed out that another licenses were granted to some investors and included the establishment of a hotel , a restaurant and a swimming pool in Damascus and Damascus countryside. "The licenses also included the establishment of chalets and a restaurant             (three stars)," she added.

A license also has been granted to establish a tourist training center specialized for tourist kitchen, restaurant, science and tourism  guidance in the city of  Sweida. The center  accommodates  420 students .

Sh. Kh.

Scores of Tunisian Terrorists Killed in Aleppo – Tunisian Media

In a new evidence   on the broad participation of mercenaries and terrorists from several countries in the fierce onslaught being waged against Syria, the Tunisian Express FM Radio  confirmed that  132 terrorists were killed among terrorists fighting with the armed terrorist groups in Aleppo, Syria, mostly Tunisians.

The radio quoted an anonymous  source as saying that most of the terrorists killed by  strikes  of the Syrian Arab army are from the state of Sidi Bouzid, pointing out that "al Nusra Terrorist  front " sent  pictures of four of the dead : Tareq al-Ajlani, Kamel al-Ammahani, from the said area and two other terrorists  from al-Tadamun (solidarity)  quarters in the Tunisian capital. 

The source added that "terrorist al-Nusra group" will send the rest of the images to leaderships in Sidi Bouzid, indicating reports that all the exterminated 132 terrorists are Tunisians. 

However, several Tunisian websites, newspapers and figures warned of the risks and consequences that the ruling authorities in Tunisia continue to ignore news about hundreds of misled Tunisians who fight in Syria under the name of "Jihad" alongside the armed terrorist groups which conduct acts of killing and destruction in Syria.

On the other hand, the Tunisian daily "Tunisia" said in its Wednesday issue that the investigative judge in the Preliminary court in Tunis questioned one Tunisian terrorist coming from Syria.

The newspaper explained that the said terrorist was arrested by the counter-terrorism unit of the national guard in al-Oweneh barrack and was accused of joining a terrorist organization in order to carry out terrorist operations outside the territory of the Republic of Tunisia."

Disorder , economic collapse and disintegration of state institutions in Tunisia resulted in considerable chaos  that enabled  extremists in this country  to seize the political arena where  terrorist gangs began establishing training camps and extremists are transferred  to Syria to fight against the Syrian state.


Dialogue Under Syrian Sky,Underlines Foreign Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Wednesday said that several  of media means  released  statements attributed to the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

The said statements  linked between the Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem's forthcoming visit  to Russia and opposition groups' visits  to Moscow.

"The Ministry, indeed, welcomes the invitation of Russia to Minister al-Moallem to visit Moscow and meet his Russian Counterpart Sergey Lavrov, but as regards rumors about holding a meeting with the opposition,  Syria has repeatedly announced  its stance that Damascus'  doors are open for dialogue, on the Syrian land and under its sky  with the inside - outside opposition according to the political solution program adopted by the Syrian government," the Ministry underscored.


Al-Halqi Confers With Popular Will Party

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The ministerial committee tasked with materializing  the political program as regards  solving  the crisis in Syria on Wednesday met with a delegation represented  the Popular Will Party.

Chaired by Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, the committee reviewed the measures taken by the government to implement the items of the preparatory stage of the dialogue process.

"these meetings are aimed at exchanging views to come out with a common vision to pave the way for launching the dialogue,"al-Halqi told the delegation.

It is worth noting that a number of meetings were convened to tackle the said issue.

The Premier extends invitations to all Syrians  to take part in the political process stressing that the dialogue should be based on the principles of national sovereignty and rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian affairs.

"the government is exerting strenuous efforts to restore security and stability and meeting the citizens' requirements, "underscored al-Halqi.

During the meeting, the Popular Will Party delegation presented the Party's initial vision on the political program to solve the crisis in the country.


Indian Delegation Confirms Support for Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST) – The Indian Journalist and Adviser, Veruzmiti Borwala, confirmed that his country supports in the face of the crisis Syria is experienced and realizes that Syria is targeted because of its clear positions towards the Palestinian cause, not giving up rights.

During a visit yesterday to the Tishreen Newspaper, Borwala, who heads an Indians journalist delegation, said "Syria is targeted for its role that resists the American Israeli project under a document issued by Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996 entitled         "clean fracture" in which he saw that the solution of the Palestinian issue requires the elimination of the resistance and its supporters and finding an alternative homeland for the Palestinians in Jordan.

For her part, Editor of Tishrin Newspaper, Dr. Rghda Mardini, gave a presentation about the newspaper and its role within the framework of the Syrian media system in countering the misinformation practiced by media associated with the US-Israeli project, referring to the outline of the conspiracy that is implemented against Syria.

She expressed confidence that the crisis would end and achieve victory at home and abroad thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and his brave army.

Sh. Kh

Former Terrorist Group Member says Gunmen Leaders "Enriched Themselves Shamefully, Sent us to Die"

 ATMEH, Syrian-Turkish Borders, (ST) - Abu Mahmoud, a former member of the so-called "Free Syrian Army", accused his fellow commanders of marring what he called the "revolution" through corruption.

"We have been betrayed by thieves and corruptors," Abu Mahmoud told AFP, stressing that some FSA leaders have enriched themselves shamefully at the cost of those who die on the front line.

Abu Mahmoud's remarks confirm growing reports of looting and corruption by armed terrorist groups in Syrian areas under their control.

Speaking from his home in the town of Atme near the border with Turkey, Abu Mahmoud said he abandoned fighting with the armed groups and is now "chopping wood or grazing goats in the mountains."

Many "FSA" members are increasingly abandoning their fight, frustrated at the level of corruption in their leadership, he said.

"These so-called commanders send us to die and they themselves stay behind to make money. They don't come to the front line to fight and yet they are the ones who are heading the rebellion," complained Abu Mahmoud.

"Wherever they go, they rob, they steal whatever they can carry and sell it illegally in Turkey - be it cars, electronic goods, machines, fuel, antiques, anything you can imagine!" he told AFP, citing names of dozens armed groups commanders who are engaged in such practices in Idleb and Aleppo.

"One officer, whose unit of around 100 fighters is reputed for raids on abandoned apartments in Aleppo, has sold arms, cars and even his office in the border town of Bab al-Hawa" to build two beautiful homes and marry a third wife.", Abu Mahmoud added.

He also told of a former craftsman from Atme who was broke before the "revolution" but who is now controlling a fleet of luxury cars through assisting the "FSA" activities.

"The problem is that a lot of these officers are getting overseas support," Abu Mahmoud said.

He said his group used to receive some money from Mustafa Sheikh, a former head of the "FSA" but this support has now stopped.

"On the front line we got some ammunition from officers but no weapons or money. We were being sent like sheep to be slaughtered. And we had nothing to eat," said Abu Mahmoud.

"Who are we fighting for? For our country? Or for those who steal from the Syrians," he wondered.

"I did not find any honest group that suited me," he said, questioning even the ideology of the so-called "jihadists" who have been launching some of the most brutal attacks on government forces.

"I have a problem with the Islam that comes with these people. It is not the Islam that I know," he said, questioning the identity and the political agenda of those "jihadists."


H. Mustafa

Al-Jafaari: Syria 's Government Carries out Constitutional Duty in Protecting Syrians against Terrorism

NEWYORK,(ST)_ Syria 's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafari stressed that the Syrian government continues its constitutional duty to protect its citizens from acts of terrorism and sabotage , to restore security and stability despite the unjust unilateral measures and intense pressures, to facilitate the return and secure shelter to the displaced citizens  who were forced by the traumatic events, terrorism and unilateral measures to leave their homes.

Concern for the Syrian civilians does not comply with providing safe haven to terrorists  

Reading Syria's statement before the public session of the UN security Council on  "the protection of civilians in armed conflict" on Tuesday Dr. al-Jafaari noted that caring for Syrian civilians does not comply with the policies pursued by Arab, regional and Western countries that provide arms, money ,training and safe haven for border-crossing armed terrorist groups and targeting all components of the Syrian state .

He added that the best way to protect civilians in armed conflicts and to prevent them from the scourge of war lies mainly in preventing armed conflicts , adopting peaceful means to settle these conflicts and holding governments responsible for inciting it, accountable , and that the experience to protect civilians in Libya is still fresh visible to us, pointing out that protecting civilians in armed conflicts can be upright only under strict respect for the principles of the international law and the provisions of the UN, particularly the principles provide for respect of States' sovereignty , equality and non-interference in the internal affairs.

State's exclusive , prime responsibility to protect civilians

The Jaafari stressed that one of the most important principles of sovereignty is that the state has exclusive and prime responsibility to protect its citizens , as a fundamental rule of the international law approved by the UN founding members , saying: " practical experience revealed that the issue of protecting civilians in areas of conflict or unrest are used as a pretext to serve suspicious agendas and interests of certain countries that work to aggravate tensions.

These countries, he continued, even deviate  the simplest foundations underlying the international law on human rights and the international humanitarian law, as they franticly try to undermine the sanctity of sovereignty as set out in the UN Charter for marketing political proposals that have not yet received the international consensus such as the so-called " the responsibility to protect" and "humanitarian intervention" , proposals that are promoted to create a public opinion accepting NATO's military intervention in the affairs of developing countries and changing their national systems.

He explained that the issue of protecting civilians in armed conflicts must be taken collectively, based on the promotion of peaceful settlement of disputes and condemnation and accountability of governments that support armed violence and terrorism and inciting it through media and sectarian agitation media and sectarian by putting an end to the Governments of States that carry out acts violating sovereignty and territorial integrity of States , invading them militarily, killing hundreds of thousands of its people and displacement of millions of them under the pretext of ensuring their protection.

Protection for civilians living under the Israeli occupation

Al-Jafaari added that protection of civilians should not be through exposing them to suffering and slow death, by depriving them of daily living necessities such as food, medicine, fuel, as a result of unfair unilateral measures imposed by some countries that the UN holds illegitimate . He stressed Syria 's emphasis on the need to provide protection for civilians living under the Israeli occupation in the occupied Arab territories, including the occupied Syrian Golan and put an end to the practices of the occupation authorities towards them.

"Though we oppose the exploitation of some delegations to the topic of our discussions today we point out that caring for Syrian civilians does not comply with policies pursued by known Arab, regional and Western countries, which provides arms, money ,training and safe haven the border -cross armed terrorist groups, targeting all components of the Syrian state take populated areas springboard for terrorist operations and civilians as human shields. "al-Jafaari said.

Concern for the Syrian civilians should not expressed in sponsoring terrorism

"We believe that the concern for Syrian civilians should not be expressed through sponsoring terrorism and extremism not in foiling endeavors for settlement nor making  pressures to undermine any possibility for a national comprehensive dialogue , which alone will enable the Syrians to restore security and stability , determine their future political process among themselves under a Syrian leadership, as stated by the UN Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043 and Geneva Statement. "

He indicated the difference between protecting innocent civilians as duty of all governments of the UN Member States and the protection of insurgents, terrorists and fundamentalists , recruiters of children , shooters on civil aircraft and the diplomatic missions who are mainly targeting civilians safety , destroying the state 's infrastructure - built for the service of these civilians.

The Syrian government, he said , continues to carry out its constitutional duty to protect

its citizens from acts of terrorism and sabotage , to restore security and stability despite the unjust unilateral measures and intense pressures, to facilitate the return and secure shelter to the displaced citizens  who were forced by the traumatic events, terrorism and unilateral measures to leave their homes,pointing out that the Syrian government has provided all the necessary facilities for the UN relevant agencies, including (OCHA) and the (ICRC) to assist in this regard , while the National Committee continued investigation in the current events to bring every one proved to be involved in acts violating the law to the judiciary for accountability without any exception.

Al- Jaafari continued that " unethical political trafficking of the situations of Syrian refugees and convening media conferences here and there just for the announcement of unfulfilled pledges do not comply with the effort to protect civilians nor with the fact that many of the countries that announce pledges to offer donations are the main cause in the displacement and suffering of these refugees." 

Israel is an integral part of inflaming the ongoing crisis in Syria

"The arrogance of the Israeli representative had made him illusively that he is Hammurabi or Nebuchadnezzar or Saladin or Abraham Lincoln or Gandhi or Simon Bolivar, and that the aggressive policies of his country  its occupation of the Arab territories , and its oppression of the Palestinian people must be a role model for all nations , members of this organization, forgetting, UN had spent of  thousands of working hours and hundreds of decisions to end the Israeli aggression and occupation, but his egoism and ignorance made him believe that his country 's policies are more important than the UN and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that the international community should revere the Israeli persecution of Palestinians and Arabs in the occupied Arab territories. " Al-Jafaari added.

Al-Jafaari concluded by saying: "Israel arms , helps and sponsors the Takfiri Salafi groups operating in the buffer zone in the occupied Syrian Golan , therefore it is an integral part in inflaming the ongoing crisis in Syria."


T. Fateh