Daring Army Operations Continue Against Terrorists

GOVERNORATES, (ST)_ Scores of terrorists were killed in Zamalka, Duma farms, Harasta and Adra in rural Damascus and heavy material and human losses were inflicted on their ranks.

Terrorists Ahmad Kamel Danla, Muhammad Ghiath al-Jarh, Muwaffaq Bakdash, Mustafa al-Mousalli, Sobhi al-Dou, Mamoun al-Maghrabi, Anas al-Malla, Shadi al-Dabbas, Samir Qanbas, Muhammad al-Basha, Hisham Adnan, Yasser Turkmani, Khaled al-Ghoush, Ali al-Khoder, Hammoud Affouf and Dia al-Hamwi, were among other killed terrorists.

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces carried out carried out qualitative operations during which several terrorists were left killed or wounded in Mang, near the cables and battery factories in al-Sfeira, Anadan al-Mansoura, and al-Azezia, where terrorists were committing acts of
murder, sabotage and looting against people 's property .

In the city of Aleppo , the armed forces destroyed terrorists shelters in al-Shaar, al-Naqqarin, Hananou houses, al-Sakhour, al-Helwania, Khan al-Baqr and Jesr al-Neirab.

Meanwhile, terrorists fled from certain areas in Aleppo city towards the villages following the Syrian army hard blows .
In the meantime, an official source reported that the internal security forces arrested an armed terrorist group in al-Martini area disguised in the Syrian army uniform and carried out acts of killing, looting, theft and confiscated their weapons.
The armed forces also exterminated scores of terrorists and destroyed a warehouse for their weapons in Abu al-Dhour area in rural Idleb.

In Homs, worker Elias Dandoush was killed and many others including Nabil Ahmad and Ammar Sallar, wounded when a mortar shell fired by terrorists fell on the northern section of the Control Department of Homs refinery.
The army engineering units foiled attempt by terrorists to blow up 5 explosives, weighing between 10 to 30 kilograms planted by terrorists near Tell Amri junction.
In an evidence of the heart of darkness they have, the armed terrorist groups beheaded the statue of poet and philosopher, composer of " the message of forgiveness" in his hometown in Maaret al-Numan city in Idleb.

News reports indicated that al-Nusra front terrorists destroyed the memorial of the Arab poet, writer and philosopher and revealed pictures showing a brown headless bust with bullets traces on it, thrown on the ground, beside a high stone base.
Abu Ala is Ahmed Bin Abdullah Bin Suleiman was born in Maara in 973. He lost his sight at an early age after infected with smallpox, but his plight did not prevent him from seeking knowledge.

He was among the most prominent Abbasid poets and was nicknamed as the poet of philosophers and the philosopher of poets. Most important of his writings is the "message of forgiveness", which inspired Dante's Divine Comedy.


No Preconditions to Dialogue ,says Haidar

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "there are no preconditions for dialogue and no one is required to offer preconditions or what they call "concessions", underscored Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar .

Haidar's remarks  came in a statement to journalists following a meeting with Head of Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Syria(ICRC), Marianne Gasser and the Protection Affair Representative at the organization, Nazem Ayadat.

Talks dealt with  the humanitarian situation in Syria and the committee activities in the country and the temporary residential centers to provide the displaced families with basic needs until they return to their homes.

" the government proposed the political solution program to crisis as an integrated project based on the principle of holding national dialogue with any Syrian, "asserted Haidar.

" believing in the dialogue as the only way to the political solution is a must," adding that solution must be realized by the Syrians under the principles of territorial integrity and rejection of foreign interference to make the political process a success.


Al-Meqdad meets Jordanian delegation

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal al-Mikdad  reviewed on Monday with a Jordanian delegation the latest developments in the region in general and in Syria in particular.

Al-Mikdad briefed the delegation on the steps being adopted by Syrian government to implement the political plan to end the crisis in the country, SANA reported.

He highly appreciated the delegation's national stances that back Syria and national causes.

The Jordanian delegation stressed that the conspiracy hatched against Syria also targets all Arab countries without exception. It added that Syria is being targeted for its adherence to Arab nation's causes including the just Palestinian cause.

The delegation headed by Arab Lawyers Union's Assistant Secretary General SamehKhris included Jordanian activists ,lawyers ,doctors and engineers.


President Al-Assad chairs cabinet meeting

DAMASUS,(ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad has said the ministries have a lot of extra work that must achieve citizens' hopes.

The remark was made during the Tuesday's cabinet meeting chaired by the President after the new ministers sworn in.

President Al-Assad also stressed that citizen shoulders responsibility to contribute from his/her position to work together, whether inside a establishment or between the state and the citizen, to alleviate the crisis's impact.

He added that the sides, which are targeting Syria, have systematically worked to destroy its infrastructure; thereby they are targeting the Syrian people first and foremost plus the citizen's mentality.

"This requires exerting great efforts by everyone to confront," the President said.

Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, thanked President Al-Assad for his trust, asserting the government's determination to do its utmost to ensure citizen's basic needs and back the armed forces to eliminate terrorist groups.

On Sunday, the president reshuffled the cabinet appointing new seven ministers for Public Works, Labor, Agriculture, Oil, Finance, Housing, and Social Affairs.


Only Syrians decide their leadership, fate and future, says al-Zou'bi

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi  has made it clear that only Syrian decide their leadership, fate and future and not by anyone else.

In reply to statements made by Saudi Arabian foreign minister, al-Zou'bi said:"Saud faysal's keenness for the blood of Syrians like his keenness for the blood of Saudis especially in certain areas of the kingdom,".

"if he is careful as he claims ,he has to combat terrorism and support it,'added the minister.

We had hoped that the position of the Saudi foreign ministry is not attached to Qatar,"concluded al-Zou'bi."


Patriarch Yazigi: We All Live in Syria as a Family

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Syria was and will continue to be the land of peace and coexistence thanks to the awareness of its people, Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and All East for Greek Orthodox has said.

In an exclusive interview with "Russia Today" Channel on Tuesday, Patriarch Yazigi stressed that dialogue must be the common language for all parties to attain the hoped-for settlement in Syria.

"We Christians, Moslems and other sects of the Syrian society, live in Syria as a family. This is the way we were brought up in this homeland," said the patriarch, describing the ongoing circumstances Syria is passing through as a "cloud" that will hopefully go as soon as possible to bring brightness back to Syria, the cradle of civilization, culture and coexistence.

Regarding concerns over the future of Christians in Syria, the patriarch said that the Syrian Christians adhere to every inch of their homeland and they have no concerns.

"We are from this country and we share with all people in this homeland the country's culture and civilization, so we are staying," Yazigi added.

He stressed the importance of dialogue as a language that must be adopted by all parties in Syria to reach peace.

"Dialogue, coexistence, accepting others as they are and sitting to dialogue table are the goal of all peace-loving parties, the patriarch said, pointing out that the Orthodox Church is currently working hard to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

Yazigi, who expressed his rejection of all kinds of violence and killing for any reason, urged the international community to be honest and credible when claiming human rights protection or when adopting political resolutions.

"We urge decision makers in the international community to contribute effectively to attaining peace in Syria and implementing Geneva statement so as to reach real peace," the patriarch said.

Concluding the interview, the patriarch addressed the Syrian people by saying "Our awareness is the main weapon to face the critical circumstances we are experiencing, so let amity, dialogue and peace help us join hands and stand in solidarity with each others."


H. Mustafa  

More Terrorists Exterminated, their Weapons Confiscated

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Monday carried out a series of qualitative operations against terrorists in Duma farms, al-Oteiba, Zamalka and Erbeen where several cars and machine guns were destroyed.

Among the killed terrorists were the leader of the so called al-Nusra front affiliated al-Obada battalion of the Iraqi nationality nicknamed as Abu al-Nar and Abu al-Reeh ( father of fire and wind ), and terrorists Ramy Sarhan, Hussein eilani, Muhammad Qaloushe, Wael Sheikhani, Ahmad al-Shemali, Abdul Malik Ode, and Omar Rashwan.
Meantime, Several terrorists were killed or wounded when the armed forces clashed with one terrorist group in the surrounding of al-Zabadani city and destroyed their shelter including weapons and ammunition, RPG launchers, grenades and advanced communications equipment for wireless, night binoculars and rocket launchers.
In Hama, the armed forces eliminated the last remnants of al-Nusra front terrorists and the so-called " Hama Brigade protectors" and destroyed all their shelters in al-Hamamiat town, where the armed forces restored security and stability to the town , confiscated a variety of missiles RPG launchers and assault rifles after foiling terrorists attempts to blow up 11 explosive device planted at the entrances of the town.
In rural Idleb, several terrorists were killed in the surrounding of Wadi al-Deif, including the leader of one terrorist group nicknamed as Abu Hani, while a warehouse containing large quantities of ammunition, weapons and a rocket launcher was destroyed, according to a military source.
The source added that the armed forces destroyed several cars and terrorists centers in Haj Hammoud and farm , al-Ramy town, al- Neirab, al-Janodia, Abu al-Dohour, al-Majas, Tel Salmo,, in rural Jesr al-Shoughour and inflicted heavy losses on their ranks .
In rural Homs, terrorists Suleiman al-Mousa, Ibrahim al-Qasem, Ammar al-Kirdi, Yahya al-Amer and Ridwan Bakour were killed and their nine cars fitted with heavy machine guns and 3 motorcycles were destroyed during armed forces attacks against terrorists shelters in several areas in al-Rastan, al Qseir, Jobar al-Ameria towns.
In Aleppo, citizens of Sheikh Najjar area took the streets in a massive demonstration demanding the expulsion of terrorists and ending their criminal acts in killing, sabotaging and looting of property and destruction of public and private institutions in the area., according to SANA.
The marchers rejected the presence of terrorists in their area and expressed readiness to stand side by side with the army to fight terrorists, on the ground of their responsibility and national duty.
The armed forces operations in rural Aleppo targeted terrorists shelters in al-Bab city near the cultural center, in al-Oweija, al-Mansoura, in Tel Rahal, Cashish and Kafr Hamra, where scores of terrorists were killed, according to an official source.

The source added that terrorists were also killed or wounded in daring army operations in the city of Aleppo in al-Naqqarin, Bustan al-Qasr, al-Kallaseh, and al-Haal ( Cardamom) market areas .