Terrorist Groups Recruit Minors in Syria to Fight in Combats

Terrorist  groups are recruiting children to involve them in the fighting aimed at overthrowing the Syrian government, despite the international law bans recruiting minors as fighters, broadcasted an international television channel on Wednesday.

The mercenaries train children on how to use a gun, disarm an enemy, kill him with a knife or even their own hands, broadcasted Iranian Hispan TV channel.

"When they arrive here they are children; later they turn into kiling machines, said Abdel Razaq, a member of a terrorist  group.

Amateur videos show soldier children who fight against the Syrian Arab Army forces in Syrian cities, said the source.

The children are even forced to dig their own graves before joining the armed groups, added the source.

According to international laws, people under 18 years old are banned from taking part in any military or espionage operation.

The television channel quoted the coordinator for children's protection of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), Jean-Nicolas Beuze, as saying that using children to fight in combats is a serious violation of their rights.


China is Committed to Objective Solution for Crisis in Syria- Minister

BEIJING ,(ST)_ China 's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi stressed  his country's commitment to  an objective, fair,  responsible and positive role to resolve the crisis in Syria.
During a meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates  Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad on Wednesday in Beijing, the Chinese minister  hoped to get Syria out of this crisis as soon as possible and to restore stability.
He explained that  China understands the difficulties experienced by Syria and  will continue to make efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis, noting  China 's  interest in the views of the Syrian side and bilateral communication  via diplomatic channels.
For his part, Dr. Miqdad expressed  Syria's appreciation for the efforts made by China, regionally and internationally to resolve the crisis in Syria . He commended  China 's principled stances at the  international forums  in seeking to solve challenges the world faces ,through full respect for the UN Charter and the principles of international law , especially  non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and the fight against terrorism.
al-Miqdad presented the political program  to resolve the  crisis in Syria and the steps taken by the Syrian government for its implementation.
Syria's Ambassador to China and senior officials representing the two sides, attended the meeting.



Miqdad makes presentation at Xinhua News Agency about the situation in Syria

BEIJING, (ST) - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad,  who is currently visiting China gave a presentation on the situation in Syria and the terrorist attacks supported by foreign countries targeting Syria's security and stability.

During a meeting with a number of Middle East issues researchers at the headquarters of the Chinese News Agency Xinhua in the capital, Beijing, Miqdad clarified the steps taken by the government to implement the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria.

He also gave a hint about the aspirations and the objectives of his current visit to Beijing.

Miqdad met yesterday Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, who confirmed his country's commitment to the position of an objective and fair, responsible and positive role to resolve the crisis in Syria.

Sh. Kh

Citizens Initiatives Regularizing Misled

Damascus Countryside,(ST)_ A delegation  comprising 200 citizens  from Aqraba and Beit Sohum towns stressed that armed manifestations and violence are but ode practices for their societies and that the Syrian army is the only side authorized to carry weapons and defend the security of the homeland.

During their meeting with the governor of Damascus countryside on Tuesday, the citizens of the two towns said they prepared an initiative provides for regularization the misled after their surrender to the concerned authorities and the restoration of security and safety to the two towns,   pointing to the need for concerted efforts to drop arms by all armed militias in the two towns.

The citizens pointed out that most residents in the area are scared to return back to o their jobs, farms and, offices and homes because of the terrorists who were prevented more than 6000 students in Beit Sohum from going to school, noting that terrorists who came from outside to the two towns are a threat to their lives and property.

Parliament member for Beit Sohum, Lawyer Ziad Sukkari said that citizens of the two towns formed a 20-member committee to dialogue with the misled so as to restore back security and reconstruct their destroyed home towns.

The  Governor of Damascus Countryside  consider these positive initiatives  as a road map for eliminating the hard times experienced now in Syria , stressing that Damascus Countryside will spare no efforts for the success of such community initiatives, as a prelude to national reconciliation.


Terrorists Shelters Demolished in Several Areas

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Scores of terrorists were killed or wounded when the armed forces on Tuesday chased them  in Daraya and Zabadani  cities in rural Damascus , where terrorists Hussein al-Raqaawi, Mamoun a-Agha and Moheddin Hussein were killed .

More terrorists were also killed  by the armed forces heavy losses  were inflected on the ranks in Tell Kirdi and Duma and Harsta farms where  terrorists Maaz a-Mudallal, Ala Shalabi, Ahmad Shaker, Mamoun al-Mousa, Akram Ramadan  and Asaad al-Refai were eliminated.

In Khan al-Shieh, the armed forces foiled a suicide attempt by a booby trapped car before the terrorist driving the car could enter the area. The explosion resulted in killing the terrorist. No other casualties were reported.

In Aleppo City and countryside, scores of terrorists were left wounded or killed in several areas during clashes with the armed forces, including Abdul Rahman and Hassan al-Shaghil, Hussein Hamdan, and Hamze Abdul Sattar Hantoush.

 On the other hand, terrorists  group on Tuesday assassinated 35 year old  Khaled al-Hamra,  brother of a member of the People's Assembly Ahmed al-Hamra  after he was  kidnapped  in Aleppo city and his body was found at al-Marjeh square .

In rural Hama, heavy losses were inflected on the ranks of terrorists and their weapons were confiscated, including mortars and snipers.

Several terrorists from al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front who were engaged in acts of murder, theft and looting in al-Maghir village in northern rural Hama were killed or wounded, and large quantities of arms and ammunition, including mortars, RPG launchers RPG, snipers, and assault rifles were confiscated when the armed forces raided their caves in the said village.

In parallel, the army engineering units foiled terrorists attempt to blow up dozens of improvised explosive devices planted on roads leading to the village targeting passerby and citizens.

Also foiled was the attempt by terrorists to detonate 8 explosives weighing between 40 and 50 kilograms planted to be detonated remotely on al-Sqiolbieh- Mhardeh town.

 In rural Homs the armed forces killed scores of most dangerous terrorists including  Hamada Meiznari, Abdu Qader Bakour, Ahmad al-Issa, Muzir Zarzour, Khalaf al-Zaem, Hussein al-Amer, haled Harmoush  among many others.

 In Idleb, all members of one terrorist group were killed when they  tried to target  by missiles Abu al-Dhour airport , destroyed  their two cars fitted with heavy machine guns, and confiscated 30 locally made rockets ,several  mortar shells of 82  mm caliber  and other types of  weapons and machine guns.

 In Deir Ezz Zour and its surroundings, the armed forces killed or wounded scores of terrorists in al-Hweiqa and al-Jbeila quarters of al-Qaeda affiliated a-Nusra Front  including  Ibrahim al-Mousa, Muin Hammoud, Ahmad Younis al-Jader and Saleh al-Azzawi, whereas other terrorists were exterminated, in cooperation with citizens,  while trying to infiltrate into al-Hosan village and others while trying to assault  Jarmaz school in the area, and destroyed their equipment,  including a pickup loaded  with a heavy machine gun and manned by  terrorists.



Al-Mikdad holds talks in Beijing

BEIJING,(ST)_Syria and China exchange view points about the crisis in Syria and ways of solving it, and discuss bilateral ties.

Syria's Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Faisal al-Mikdad, briefed his Chinese counterpart, Zhai Jun, in Beijing on the political plan recently outlined to resolve the crisis in Syria and executive measures being adopted by the government in this regard, SANA reported.

China restated adherence to bringing about peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria under the UN charter, international law, Geneva communique and not meddling in Syria's internal affairs.

Al-Mikdad thanked China for its stance towards the crisis in Syria.

The Syrian Deputy FM arrived today in China for a four-day visit .


Health Minister, Hoff discuss joint cooperation

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Health Minister, Dr. Sa'ad Al-  Na'ef,  and Resident Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO),  Elizabeth Hoff, discussed here the joint cooperation program in the field of health and the contribution of the WHO in response to the health needs of citizens in light of the damage to a number of institutions of the health sector, either directly or indirectly as a result of economic sanctions imposed on Syria and terrorist acts carried out by armed groups against the service sector and its institutions.

Dr. Al-  Na'ef expressed hope "that the international organizations exert  more efforts to support the health sector"  and this will improve the reality of health services to citizens in light of the damage to this sector.

"The ministry depended on its technical frameworks to rehabilitate many of the affected health institutions so as to ensure the continuation of services to the citizens, pointing out that a number of medical departments and affected ambulance has recently been rehabilitated," the minister said.

He stated that the ministry is working to provide more vaccines and nutritional supplements for children to ensure maintaining their health and protect them from dangerous childhood diseases, pointing out that children living in centers of temporary residence and affected areas are given special attention in cooperation with civil society organizations working in regard of health field. The number of civil associations reached to 110.

During the meeting, the minister demanded "to accelerate in supplying the ministry with some equipment and medical supplies and drugs that the organization is working to  ensure," especially ambulances, children kegs , some medicines for chronic diseases, cancer and patients with renal insufficiency.

For his part,  Hoff confirmed the organization's keenness to cooperate with the Ministry of Health and the health needs of citizens in health institutions, pointing out that the World Health Organization  contributed to a part of the plan to respond to the humanitarian needs in Syria.

She pointed out that "the organization will spare no effort in the continuation and strengthening  joint cooperation in the health field to provide health services to citizens" .

She also highlighted the invitation to visit the hospitals and health facilities to brief on the reality of services provided and their medical needs.

Sh. Kh.