Syrians Will Not Allow Anti-Syria Project To Come Into Effect ,Says al-Zoubi

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"Syrians will not allow the anti-Syria project to come into effect regardless of the sacrifices," said Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi".

Al-Zoubi's remarks came during the memorial service of martyr Mohammad al-Ashram,  al-Ikhbariya TV  reporter, who was killed while on duty by terrorists in Deir Ezzzor,

"They (mercenaries) are nothing in comparison with the overwhelming majority of patriotic Syrians who work to build their country and sacrifice their lives to preserve its sovereignty," clarified al-Zoubi.

"Armed Forces and  civilians are hand in hand to defend their country,"said the minister.

"the conspiracy against Syria seeks to undermine the Syrian model with its national and pan-Arab dimensions, which is why western countries and its Arab agents are escalating, arming and funding because they know that the Syrian model cannot be made a failure  by slogans, fake protests and false claims of legitimate demands",stressed al-Zoubi.

Al-Zoubi affirmed that the sacrifices of the martyrs of journalism, Armed Forces and all other sectors will not go to waste, saying that the confrontation is currently in its most complex stages, its highest and most difficult and violent points, and its widest in terms of geography, type of weapons used and all security and military standards.

He described the "Doha coalition" as  a gang due to its rejection of dialogue .

"Meanwhile, the Syrian state and its parties and national and social forces have a political process with the headline of 'going to war at any time,'" the Minister said, adding that the "Doha coalition" and its members  who reside in Arab and foreign capitals are responsible for the repercussions of violence and killing in Syria.

"How will the "Doha coalition" justify standing in the same line and forming a strategic alliance as a partner with Al Qaeda which brands all Syrians as infidels?" he concluded.

"there is a must to halt violence and putting arms aside", adding "the Syrian state is carrying out its duty in confronting attacks on freedoms and facilities".

He affirmed that the Syrian state is committed to launching an open political national dialogue, without any agenda, with all forces in the society under the title of national sovereignty, partnership and rejection of all forms of foreign intervention.

Minister Omran added that the Gulf funds and the instructions by Qatar or France are rejected and out from debate.

He added that rejection of foreign military intervention is the minimum of nationalism while the martyrdom of Mohammad al-Ashram, his colleagues and the army members constitute the maximum.

The minister expressed confidence that the crisis will come to an end and the Syrian state and people will win.


Premier Al-Halqi Inaugurates Kafer Souseh Services Complex at 165 Million SYP




DAMASCUS,(ST)_ At an estimated  cost of  165 million Syrian Pounds, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi on Monday inaugurated Kafer Souseh services Complex.

The Prime Minister also  laid the foundation stone for the construction of alternative housing units in Bab Sharqi and inspected  houses to be reconstructed  at an estimated cost of 380 million  Syrian Pounds.


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"Hands off Syria",Chant rings out in Germany

BERLIN, (ST)- Under the motto"Hands off Syria", the Syrian Community and foreign activists  in Mannheim city in Germany have  organized a huge mass rally .

Participants in the rally strongly voiced their solidarity with the Syrian people in the face of the global war waged against Syria to undermine its security and stability.

During the rally participants  raised the Syrian flags and lifted banners appreciating the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army in facing terrorism.

They condemned the foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs and the western conspiracy against Syria.

They also called for immediate stop of arming  the terrorist groups  in Syria, voicing support to the Syrian  leadership in confronting terrorism .


Scores of Al-Qaeda Terrorists Exterminated




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Our armed forces on Sunday continued chasing al-Qaida terrorists who carry out acts of killing and looting in Daraya , Hujeira and al-Zeyabeh in rural Damascus,  and destroyed  their weapons of killings  used against civilians.

Several members of " al-Nusra front" were exterminated following clashes with the armed forces  in Darya Corniche area , where weapons and ammunition were confiscated  including Israeli-made bombs , Dushka  bullets , and PKC machine guns .

In Hujeira, several al-Qaeda  terrorists were eliminated  and their weapons and ammunition confiscated  during clashes with the armed forces , according to an official source.

The source added  that the most dangerous terrorists were purged including  "Abu Suhaib" the terrorist of the Palestinian nationality,  and terrorist "Abu Mohammed al-Shadeed."

The source pointed out that the  killed terrorists  are those who had  planned and carried out the bombings and terrorist attacks, against  Jaramana city, which  claimed the lives of dozens women and children and left scores wounded.

In al-Huseineyah  in al-Sayedeh Zeinab areas, the armed forces killed all members of a terrorist group and destroyed their weapons. Among the terrorists were Ahmad, Ali and Marwan al-Saket.

In Zamalka   the armed forces killed several terrorists belong  to al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra group , who were terrorizing residents in the town , including group leader Abu Omar al-Harastani.

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces on Sunday continued qualitative operations against terrorist groups , causing them heavy human and material losses.

Areas where terrorists  were attacked and defeated : the train station , Tell Sheer in al-Meselmeyeh, Beitroun village, Hamico factory area, al-Kanj restaurant, Zeido duel station, al-Olabi factory, Sheilb bridge to the south of Aleppo, Tishreen dam to the south east of Manbej, Favin village, al-Shahbaa garden, Jamal Abdul Nasser mosque in al-Kallaseh quarters and the fuel station in al-Neirab .

On the other hand, and for the 6th running day, citizens  of al-Merjeh quarters in Aleppo  staged a massive march demanding the  expulsion of the terrorist groups from the area. The terrorists retaliated in opening fire at demonstrators , resulted in killing one woman,  Thana al-Ahmad and wounding others among women and children.

Within the course of sabotage acts carried out in the city of Aleppo, one al-Qaeda  terrorist group destroyed  on Sunday the tomb of Sheikh Mohammed Dbabu in al-Saleheen area  and threatened to destroy more of holy shrines .


In Homs, the  armed forces on Sunday carried out qualitative operations  during which scores of terrorists were killed or wounded in  Jouret Shiyah , Bab Hood , Hamidiya , Rastan and al-Qseer countryside.

In al-Khaledeyah quarters in Homs  scores of terrorists who were terrorizing citizens and committing acts of murder and looting were exterminated , including non-Syrian nationalities, an official source said, adding that  among the killed terrorists  were  Maqdar Omar al-Baqi, Abdul Jalil Harmeh, Omar Mekke al-Jawad, Jawi Abu Baker and Abd al-Fayedeh , all of Saudi nationality, and three Libyan terrorists Miftah Abdul Haq, Muhammad al-Misrati and Dakhil Muhammad Haqqi

The source added that the competent authorities dismantled an explosive device weighing 30 Kg implanted by terrorists  Homs- Tartous  highway.

Another 40Kg explosive device was dismantled, implanted by terrorists near the Male "commerce school" in Bab Qibli quarters  in Hama, where several terrorists were killed including the most dangerous in the city Muhammad Bahaa Alloush.

In Idleb, several al-Nasra front  terrorists were killed  or wounded during clashes with the armed forces

in  Mahmpel  town, whereas one terrorist was killed while trying to implant a bomb near al-Mastoumeh town on Idleb-Arieha highway.

In another context , seven  terrorists were killed and others injured during a fighting erupted following  dispute between two groups of  terrorist organizations  over sharing their stolen materials  in Khan Sheikhoun  in Idleb countryside.


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Minister al-Zou'bi: War in Syria between State and al-Qaeda and Doha Coalition


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The war in Syria is but between  the State and who support its logic, on one hand and al-Qaeda and Doha Coalition, which represent the collective political leadership of "Moslem Brothers", seeking to bring back their black history in Syria, declared Minister of Information, Omran al-Zou'bi.

Minister al-Zou'bi, during his meeting with SANA staff here Sunday, reiterated that there is no veto against the appearance of opposition figures on official media outlets, provided that such appearance isn't to breach into the national sovereignty, represented by the Syrian National Flag, Anthem, Army and Presidency, saying '' apart from this, everything can be covered and presented and with all courage and openness''.

"The task of journalists is to convey the whole picture and reality about every event on the ground," said Minister al-Zou'bi, pointing out that there are no ''red lines'' for media coverage, provided that it will not breach into national sovereignty.




Most Dangerous al-Qaeda Affiliated Terrorists Snipers Killed




GOVERNORATES, (ST)_ Scores  of the most dangerous terrorists of al-Qaeda snipers  were killed  or wounded  by the armed forces and their weapons  used in attacking citizens in Dareya in rural Damascus, according to an official source.

In Zamalka ,  the armed eliminated a number of terrorists belonging to the Al Qaeda-linked al-Nasra front , including one RPG launcher and  confiscated  their weapons and ammunition including automatic rifles and sophisticated sniping machines .

In Ghbeir square in Irbeen, several sniper terrorists were killed  including Muhammad al-Maghribi, known as " Abu Waheed, Taha Krounbi, Dhia Kolthoum , known as " Abu al- Nour and Asem Birqdar following clashes with the armed forces, on Saturday.

In Beit Sehem and Hujeira of rural Damascus, the armed forces killed  or wounded several terrorists including Sheikh " Mutib" of al-Qaeda organization,  who were  terrifying citizens  and carried out acts of looting and sabotage.. Other killed terrorists were  Ahmad al-Khatib, Fadi Mahmoud al-Idilbi, Khaled Bitar, Abu Musab  al-Hamwi and one terrorist of a Palestinian nationality, nicknamed as Abu Hamza al- Philastini.

In Zabadani, the armed forces on Saturday killed scores of terrorists of  al-Qaeda organization in the western quarters  of the city , while  assaulting  worship houses and public properties.

In Aleppo several terrorists were killed or wounded in Favin village , including Abdul Haq Dali  of the Afghan nationality and Najm al-Din al-Dulaimi, of the  Iraqi nationality who committed acts of murder, looting and attacks on mosques and the people of Aleppo and its countryside .

The armed forces , moreover,  carried out a series of  qualitative operations , where dozens of  al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists were terrorizing citizens near warehouses in Daret Ezza,  al-Mansoura and near the train station in al-Meselmieh.

 For the fifth running day hundreds of people from the Marjah district, in Aleppo,  staged a massive demonstration demanding the expulsion of terrorists from their area, according to an official source, which added  that the terrorists attacked the march, and fired mortars and machine guns fire randomly on the demonstrators , resulted in wounding women and children.

In Deir al-Zour clashes between  armed forces and  the terrorists in Jubailah, Busraya Street  left scores  of terrorists killed or wounded. Terrorist Abdul Rahman al-Raa' was among the killed.

In Idleb, the armed forces attacked the  terrorists shelters  in Taftanaz, Zaradna and Harbanoush towns  and inflicted heavy casualties on them and destroyed their cars  equipped with machine guns

One woman was killed and her son was seriously injured, when  al-Qaeda terrorists opened their fire randomly at the vegetable markets in Arieha city of rural Idleb.

In Latakia  countryside  the  armed forces engaged  with one armed group in Frenloq area in Kasab  and caused them heavy losses.

The armed forces also  destroyed on Saturday terrorists gatherings in Khalidiya and al-Qseer city in rural Homs following attacks against their hidings  in Al-haidariya and Chomreyah and al-Qseer city  , besides the destruction of a field hospital filled with medicines and medical equipment stolen from state 's  hospitals and medical centers in the region, according to an official source, which added that dozens of mercenary terrorists were exterminated  in al-Khaledeyah quarters in Homs.


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Syria is making progress in its war against terrorism, says PM

DAMASCUS, (ST) –Services and development situation in Daraa province were the main issues discussed by Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, and a popular delegation from Daraa province on Saturday.

According to SANA, the delegation's demands focused on opening more branches for Damascus University in Daraa, setting up health and culture centers in some areas, carrying out sewage projects and ensuring   job opportunities.

The Premier asserted the government's keenness on following up the aforementioned demands according to the priority and available capacities.

"The government is doing its utmost to provide the Syrian people with basic needs and requirements, including food materials, medicine and oil derivatives, despite current circumstances and the economic sanctions," said Dr. al-Halqi.

Talking about the ongoing crisis from a political aspect, the premier said: "Syria is open to all local, regional and international initiatives to solve the ongoing crisis through dialogue and the rejection of violence and foreign intervention".

He asserted that Syria is facing a global war and a takfiri thinking that instigates terrorism that contradict with the essence of Islam and the holy religions' calls for tolerance and amity.

"Syria is making good progress in its war against terrorism and the armed terrorist groups thanks to the armed forces' sacrifices and steadfastness," said the premier.

The delegation members voiced rejection to extremism and violence, stressing their adherence to their national stances and their confidence in Syria's ability to overcome the crisis and restore its security and stability.

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