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So-called US “Caesar Act” is based on lies and fabrications made by enemies of the Syrian people: Foreign Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has strongly condemned the US decision to tighten the coercive economic measures imposed on it through the so-called “Caesar Act”

The so-called US “Caesar Act” is based on lies and fabrications made by enemies of the Syrian people within the framework of the US's declared war on Syria in which Washington has used the dirtiest kinds of weapons, including terrorism, economic blockade, political pressure and misinformation, a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement on Wednesday.

Imposing this law by the US administration is a flagrant violation of the most basic human rights and international humanitarian law, thus making the U.S. shoulder the main responsibility for the suffering of the Syrians, the source said, adding that economic terrorism is another side of the terrorism that has shed the blood of Syrians and destroyed their achievements.

Maintaining the unfair western coercive measures against Syria a dangerous gap in the structure of global solidarity: al-Jaafari

NEW YORK, (ST)- Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bashar Al-Jaafari has affirmed that maintaining the unfair western coercive measures against Syria is a dangerous gap in the structure of global solidarity for equal  enhancement of countries abilities.

The western economic blockade affects the lives of two billion people in the world and it impedes countries’ efforts to fight coronavirus pandemic and achieve sustainable development,” he said during a seminar held at the United Nations headquarters in New York via internet, calling for an immediate lifting of this unfair siege.

Al-Jaafari clarified that the United Nations and the European Union (EU) are still ignoring calls by UN Chief and many international and regional organizations and blocs to put an end to the illegal sanctions imposed on the Syrian people. He referred in this regard to the EU’s recent decision to extend the economic siege imposed on Syria and to the new US coercive measures that aim at putting more pressure on the Syrians and at confiscating their aspirations in achieving prosperity and stability.

Authorities dismantle more than 700 mines and explosive devices planted by terrorists east of Salamiya in Hama countryside

Within the framework of continuing their canvasing operations in the  areas liberated from terrorism , the competent authorities have  dismantled more than 700 mines and explosive devices  left by ( ISIS ) terrorists  in the area east of the city of Salamiya in Hama countryside.

SANA reporter said that  more than 700 mines and explosive devices  left  behind  the terrorists were dismantled by the  authorities during the combing operations carried out in the surrounding of Athrayya road  in the area extending east of Salamiya  city in Hama countryside.

Terrorist organizations  had  planted  mines and explosive devices  in all the areas  before their defeat  and Army  engineering units   continue  to purify the liberated areas in succession to secure the roads between cities and towns and ensure the return of the displaced to their homes..

Rawaa Ghanam

4 Coronavirus patients have recovered, one patient has died

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Health Ministry declared on Tuesday that one Coronavirus patient has died thus raising the total number of deaths to 6.

The Ministry made it clear that the patient suffered from asthma and had undergone open heart surgery.

It also affirmed that four patients have recovered, raising the total number of recoveries to 50 out of the 123 cases registered in Syria.

Infighting renewed among Turkish occupation’s mercenaries in the west of Abu Rasin in Hasaka countryside

Infighting among Turkish regime-backed terrorist mercenaries in the occupied villages of Abu Rasin area in Hasaka northwestern countryside has renewed causing casualties among rival terrorist groups.

According to local sources, infighting erupted again among terrorists affiliated to Turkish-backed Sultan Murad, al-Hamzat and Ahrar al-Sharqiya terror groups in Bab al-Kheir and Um Oshbeh in the countryside of Abu Rasin over seizing agricultural lands and distributing the crops after displacing the locals.

Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continue to capture agricultural lands. They harvest and steal the crops and prevent the farmers from working in their fields.

Locals, army personnel intercept US occupation military vehicles bound to Abu Rasin village in Hasaka countryside, force them to retreat

HASAKA, (ST)- Locals and Syrian army personnel on Tuesday intercepted a US occupation convoy of military vehicles bound to Abu Rasin village in Hasaka countryside and forced it to return from where it came.

Finance directorates begin giving aid to people affected by measures combating Corona

On June 2, the Directorates of Finance started disbursing aid to 4,928 beneficiaries whose names were announced in the lists of the first batch of workers, whose work was disrupted as a result of precautionary measures to address the Corona virus.

The Director General of the National Fund for Social Aid, Eng. Luay Al-Arnaji stated that text messages were sent to beneficiaries on June 1.

He said that the total number of beneficiaries in the first batch lists reaches more than 19 thousand beneficiaries in a number of governorates.


O. al-Mohammad