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Al-Jaafari: US and Turkish occuption forces perpetrate economic terrorism through burning crops in Syria

Syria's permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, has affirmed that the US, British, French, Turkish and Israeli governments moved from proxy- war that is based on supporting, arming and financing terrorist and separatist groups in Syria to the direct war through launching aggression, occupying lands,  looting natural resources and  cutting off water.

A new Covid-19 infection has been reported in south Syria

Health Ministry announced on Monday that a new Coronavirus infection has been registered in Syria's Sweida thus raising the total number of infections to 123.

It affirmed that the new patient is currently quarantined.

The ministry said that the total number of infections has so far reached 123, 46 of which have recovered while 5 have died.

Anti-tank missiles, US-made weapons, ammunition, left by terrorists, found in Syria's southern region

 Authorities on Monday found in Syria’s southern region anti-tank missiles and a big quantity of different weapons, including US-made ones, in addition to more than half a million bullets, that were left by terrorists upon their defeat.

In a statement to SANA reporter, a source from the authorities said that within the framework of operations to clear the liberated areas from the remnants of terrorism, the authorities found a huge quantity of light and medium weapons as well as ammunitions, including American rifles and anti-tanks missiles.

According to the source, the found weapons included 23mm machineguns,  various automatic rifles including US-made M16 rifles, night-vision and regular binoculars, communication devices, anti-tank missiles, RPG rounds and hundreds of kilograms of hashish.

The found items also included more than half a million bullets for machineguns and assault rifles in addition to anti-tank landmines, the reporter added.

The seized weapons prove the huge support being provided by countries sponsoring terrorism, for the terrorist organizations in Syria.

Dozens of displaced families return to their homes in Khan Sheikhoun after services are secured for them

Dozens  of families who were displaced by terrorism returned today to their homes in the city of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib countryside as a first batch after securing basic services for them, as part of the government's efforts to restore life to cities and towns freed from terrorism in the province.

Fadi Saadoun, who is in charge of the tasks of Idlib Governor, stated in a statement to SANA reporter that the governorate  seeks to restore life to all liberated villages and towns in Idlib countryside so that people can return to the lives they enjoyed before terrorism struck and return to their economic and agricultural activities. He stated that the first batch of returnees consisting of 50 families includes about 200 citizens, referring to the efforts exerted to ensure the  stability in the city as well as  the necessary infrastructure, such as water networks and government headquarters, in addition to coordination with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to support these families.

3 more Coronavirus patients have recovered, one patient has died

Health Ministry declared that 3 more Coronavirus patients have recovered thus raising the total of recoveries to 46.
The Ministry also said that a 74-year-old Coronavirus patient who also had a liver tumor passed away, raising the death toll to 5.

Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation set fire to civilian homes in the villages of Hasaka countryside

 On May 31, mercenaries of the Turkish occupation of the terrorist organizations continued their criminal and terrorist  practices against the people and proceeded to burn the homes of citizens in the villages of Al-Qasimiya and Rayhania in the northern countryside of Hasaka,

in implementation of their aggressive Turkish operator's policies towards the Syrian state and its people.

Civil sources said that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation -run terrorist organizations set fire to civilian homes in the villages of Al Qasimia and Rehaniyeh, northwest of the town of Tal Tamer in Hasaka countryside, days after they burned agricultural crops in the village of Al Qasimia.

After stopping during the years of the terrorist war, the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus opens Russian language courses

 On May 31, the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus announced the opening of Russian language courses and the gradual return of its activities after it stopped for years during the terrorist war on Syria.

The Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Damascus Eldar Qurbanof refered to the strength and historical depth of the Russian-Syrian relations and the importance of resuming  Russian language courses.