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Syria rejects foreign intervention in China's internal affairs

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria has condemned the intervention of US and western countries in China's internal affairs.

It said in a statement made by a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates that foreign intervention in China's internal affairs is a blatant violation of international law and countries' sovereignty.

"No country or party has the right to intervene in the internal affairs of independent and sovereign countries," the source asserted.

A civilian wounded in a landmine blast in Karnaz village of Hama Countryside

HAMA, (ST)- A civilian was injured on Sunday when a landmine, planted by terrorists in Karnaz village of Hama northwestern countryside, exploded.

SANA reporter said that the explosion took place this morning in one of the agricultural fields of Karnaz village, which belong to Mhardeh city, wounding a civilian and causing damage to a harvester.

The wounded man was transferred to al-Sqeilbiyyeh National Hospital for treatment.

Operating two train journeys from Tartus to Lattakia, taking precautions to tackle Coronavirus

Tartus,(ST)-This morning, two train journeys to Latakia started from the train station in Tartous, after the decision to resume train trips and universities that were suspended due to the precautionary measures to tackle the Coronavirus.

Dr. Mudar Al-Araj, Director of the Syrian Railways Branch in Tartous, said that the first flight started at six o'clock in the morning and the return will be at two thirty in the afternoon and the second trip will start at seven in the morning and return will be at three thirty in the afternoon, stating that the price of the card in the first train trip is at  125 pounds and in the second trip costs 100 Syrian pounds.

A postage stamp on the occasion of World To combat smoking Day

Damascus,(ST)-The Syrian Post Corporation issued a commemorative stamp on the occasion of the International Day to combat Smoking, which falls on the thirty-first of May each year.

The Foundation said in a statement that Sana received a copy of it that the value of the stamp is 300 Syrian pounds, noting that the public and amateurs can obtain the stamp from the post offices spread in all governorates.

After a suspension of two and a half months, resumption of work in universities and institutes to complete the second semester

After a suspension of two and a half months, about 750.000 students returned to universities and institutes on May 31 to complete the second semester of the academic year 2019-2020. 

About 130.000 students attended the Open Education’s exams for the first semester amid commitment to the precautionary and preventive measures taken against the Corona epidemic.

Dr. Riyad Tayfour, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Student Affairs stated that the university calendar started from May 31 and ends on 7-30-2020.

Turkish regime sends tanks and military vehicles to their illegal bases in Hasaka

HASAKA, (ST)- The Turkish regime on Saturday sent several tanks and military vehicles to its illegal bases in the northern countryside of Syria's Hasaka province.

According to local sources, the Turkish occupation forces brought in three tanks as well as several armored vehicles from Turkish territories to their illegal base in Um Oshub village in Abu Rasin area in Hasaka northern countryside. The military vehicles entered the Syrian territories via the crossing of Ras al-Ayn city.

Washington sends more logistic materials and ammunition to reinforce its illegal bases in Hasaka countryside

HASAKA, (ST)- The US occupation forces on Saturday brought in a convoy of military vehicles carrying ammunition and logistic materials to their illegal bases in Hasaka countryside in a further violation of international laws and principles.

The convoy came from Iraq via al-Waleed illegal crossing.

Local sources in al-Rmeilan city told SANA reporter that a convoy of 25 military vehicles carrying concrete barriers, refrigerators, ammunition and a number of "Hummer" cars entered the Syrian territories coming from Iraq via al-Waleed crossing and drove towards the US occupation's illegal bases at the southern entrance of al-Rmeilan city in Hasaka northeastern countryside.