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A mass gathering in Aleppo to celebrate the Syrian Arab army's victories against terrorism

 On February 23, the city of Aleppo witnessed a mass gathering celebrating the victories of the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism in the western and northwestern countryside of Aleppo.

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Rima Qadri, members of the Union of Charitable Societies, Associations of Disabilities and other charities participated in the mass gathering in the Square of the President in Aleppo city’s downtown.

The Syrian Arab army liberates the villages of Sheikh Dams and Hantoutin in the southern countryside of Idlib

 The Syrian Arab Army liberated today the villages of Sheikh Dams and Hantoutin, west of Ma`rat al-Numan, in the southern countryside of Idlib, after inflicting the terrorists with heavy losses of personnel and equipment.

SANA reporter pointed out that units of the army continued their intensified operations against the terrorist organizations and liberated the villages of Sheikh Dams and Hantoutin southwest and northwest of Maarat al-Numan in the southern countryside of Idlib. The army units destroyed the last terrorist gatherings and fortifications and chased their defeated remnants that head towards the towns of Kafarsajna and Maarzita.

Sabbagh: Syrian army's victories over terrorism in Aleppo is a victory for humanity

DAMASCUS,(ST)_  Speaker of the People's Assembly [Parliament] Hammoda Sabbagh has affirmed that the Syrian army's victories over terrorism and its supporters  in the western and northwestern Aleppo countryside is a victory for humanity.

He indicated that determination could defeat the weapons of murder and terrorism.

Turkish regime arrested scores of its mercenaries who refused to fight in Idleb

HASAKA, (ST)_ The Turkish occupation forces arrested scores of their mercenary comrades after they tried to flee to Turkish territories because of their fear of being involved in confrontation with the Syrian army in Idleb.

According to local sources in Hasaka province, the Turkish occupation forces closed the border to terrorists, who implement the Turkish regime's orders in the northern countryside of Hasaka, after they tried to run away from Ras Al-Ayn city towards the Turkish territories.

Syrian army targets al-Nusra Front terrorists in the southern countryside of Ma`rat al-Numan in Idleb

Syrian army units carried out artillery and rocket strikes on the fortifications of  Al-Nusra Front terrorists in a number of villages and towns in the southern countryside of Ma`rat al-Numan in Idlib.

The army units monitored the movements of  Al-Nusra Front terrorists and their allied groups in the vicinity of the towns of Kafr Nubel, Maar Zeita and the village of Al-Fateira to the southwest of Maarat al-Numan and targeted them with artillery fire and missiles, SANA correspondent said, adding that this led to cutting off the terrorists’  supply routes and destroying their fortifications and hideouts.

Cabinet allocates SYP145 billion to implement an integrated development plan in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)- The Cabinet has allocated SYP 145 billion to implement an integrated economic, services, and construction development plan in Aleppo province with special focus on the areas recently liberated from terrorism.

The plan was approved by the cabinet on Saturday during its weekly session which was held this time in Aleppo marking the Syrian Arab Army's victories which have restored security and stability to wide areas in the countryside of the province.

The development plan covers agriculture, industry, oil, energy, education, housing, communications, health among other fields.

A budget of SYP74 billion was allocated to the energy sector and to implement the Electricity Ministry's plan to improve the situation of electric power in Aleppo in general and in liberated areas in particular and to increase power supply  to industrial zones in al-Zerbeh, al-Mansoura and al-Leramoun areas. The cabinet also approved rehabilitating several oil ministry projects at a cost of SYP 1 billion.

Ministry of Transport: Damascus-Aleppo International Highway officially opened to traffic

The Ministry of Transport announced  on Saturday  that the Damascus-Aleppo International highway was officially opened to traffic.

 Minister of Transport Eng. Ali Hammoud said in a statement to journalists  in Aleppo that Damascus-Aleppo international highway  was formally opened to traffic, indicating that the rehabilitation process  began at the railway from Homs to Hama and then to Aleppo and it will be completed within the next few months..

 Director General of Road Transport, Eng.  Yasser Haidar, underlined in a  statement to  SANA that after the Syrian Arab Army had liberated the remaining part of the Damascus-Aleppo international highway  "from Khan Sheikhoun to the city of Aleppo", the staff of the General Establishment for Road Transport  inspected the road and assessed the damage caused to it by the terrorists in order to perform urgent  maintenance and open it to traffic.