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Syria receives second batch of advanced Russian /MiG 29/ jet fighters

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Russia has handed over the second batch of the advanced Russian jet fighter aircraft /Mig 29/ to the Syrian Arab Army  within the framework of the military and technical cooperation between the Syrian Arab Republic and Russia, a military source said on Saturday.

Fires have damaged 6600 hectares of wheat and Barley fields in Hasaka

HASAKA, (ST)- Some 6600 hectares of agricultural land cultivated with wheat and barley in Syria's Hasaka province have been damaged by fires.

Most of the fires that erupted in the province's western countryside have resulted from the acts of vandalism committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in that area aiming at starving the farmers and putting more pressure on the Syrian government.

According to the Head of Hasaka Agriculture Directorate Rajab Salameh, 2500 hectares of the area affected by the fires were planted with wheat, while 4,100 hectares were planted with barley. These areas are located in the southern and western countryside of Hasaka.

5,000 tons of wheat and 7.000 tons of barley were destroyed as a result of these fires, he said.

EU's decision to extend sanctions against Syria proves Europe's subordination to U.S.

MOSCOW, (ST)-Russian  political analyst Alexander Berdnikov has stressed that the European Union's decision to extend the coercive measures imposed on Syria contradicts the international and humanitarian law and proves the European countries' subordination to the United States.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Moscow, Berdnikov said that the failure of the United States in implementing its schemes in Syria has led it to work relentlessly so as to put more pressure on the Syrian people through depriving them from requirements of life, including food and the medical equipment necessary to confront coronavirus epidemic. He added that Washington is doing this while it continues to provide limitless support for terrorist organizations fighting the legitimate Syrian government.  

Renewing the coercive measures imposed by the European Union on Syria is clear evidence that the European countries are subordinates to the United States. It indicates the EU's hypocrisy, circumvention policy and lies concerning humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people. It also makes these countries partners in the terrorist war on Syria.

Five civilians killed in terrorist infighting in Ifrin city

Aleppo (ST): Five civilians were killed and several terrorists injured as a result of the continued fighting among the mercenaries of the Turkish regime in Ifrin city in Aleppo northern countryside.
Local sources in the city of Ifrin said that fierce clashes flared up between the terrorists of the so-called al-Hamza Brigade and another terrorist group in several residential quarters in Ifrin causing the martyrdom of five civilians including two children and huge material damage to public and private properties.
The sources added that the clashes also led to the death and wounding of several terrorists.

The Internal Security Forces Day is a Dignified and Honorable Day in the History of Syria

The 75th anniversary of the Internal Security Forces Day is on the 29th of May .It commemorates the day when the parliament’s guards and internal security members were martyred by the French occupation in 1945 and it is one of the pages of honor and  pride  in the history of Syria..

This venerable  day  is devoted to glorify the values of martyrdom and the sublime meanings of sacrifice which  were  represented by the refusal of guards of the parliament building   to  obey the orders of the French colonialists  to salute the French occupation flag.

The 30  guards of the parliament refused to surrender  and tried  to stop the advance of the French forces.At that time  they faced a military machine that greatly outnumbered them yet continued fighting until they ran out of ammunition,  after which  the French colonial forces bombed the parliament in accordance with a premeditated plan and stormed it after setting fire to it, destroying parts of it and killed  28 of  the guards.

The harvest season of the Damascene Rose starts with passion and hope for abundance

The people of Al-Marah village in Damascus countryside have started the harvest season for the  Damascene Rose that is spread in the fields of their village. This rose which conveyed the name of Syria to the whole world, thanks to the support and follow-up offered by the Syrian Trust for Development and other parties to expand its cultivation, has earned the right to be included within the list of the immaterial humanitarian heritage of UNESCO in 2019.

After mid-May of each year, the villagers start the  harvesting season of the Damascene Rose with great joy, hoping that the season will be at the level of their awaited wishes thanks to the high levels of rainfall  this year in Syria.

Village farmers showed that this year’s season is good and the quality of roses are better compared to past seasons, hoping that the yield and production will be better for the farmer who works throughout the year  up to the harvest.A harvest that everyone is waiting for, to secure their needs, indicating that within 15 days, the people will finish harvesting.The farmers hoped that the association concerned with the Damascene Rose will work with other parties to create places to store the rose products so as  achieve greater value for their crops. They expressed their love and passion for the rose, considering that the harvest season is a traditional event due to the special place the rose occupies in  people 's life as it is the source of their livelihood.

One new coronavirus case registered in Syria raising the total infections to 122

Health Ministry announced on Thursday that one new coronavirus case was registered in Syria for a person coming from Kuwait raising the total infections to 122.
The Ministry said in a statement that the total infections registered in Syria until today reached 122 ones, 43 of them have recovered while 4 cases have died.