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The Ministry of Interior: Intensifying and redoubling efforts to control entry into the country through the illegal crossings

Damascus,(ST)-The Ministry of Interior asked the police units concerned to intensify and multiply the efforts made to control entry into the country from Lebanon through illegal crossing points and to organize the necessary investigation  about how they entered the country and find out the methods they used in the transit process and the people and networks that facilitated their transit and present them to the competent judicial authority.

The American occupation sends a convoy of military equipment and communication towers to their illegal bases in Hasaka countryside

Al-Hasakah,(ST)-Today, the American occupation forces introduced a convoy of vehicles loaded with logistical equipment and materials to support its illegal bases in Al-Yarubia countryside, northeast of Hasaka, in violation of international laws and principles.
Local sources indicated to SANA reporter that a convoy of trucks had entered from Iraqi territory into the Syrian lands through the illegal Al-Walid crossing carrying containers and armored vehicles in addition to three communication towers.

Ministry of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) the opening of mosques for all congregational prayers starting tomorrow, Wednesday

Damascus,(ST)-The Ministry of Endowments announced the opening of mosques for all congregational prayers in addition to Friday prayers starting tomorrow, Wednesday.
The ministry indicated in an announcement that Sana received a copy of today that the return to the group’s prayers comes with commitment to health regulations and public safety measures that have been circulated to the mosque committees.

Turkish Occupation plans looting wheat fields of farmers in Hasaka countryside

The Turkish occupation  forces and their  mercenaries from the terrorist organizations have  continued their terrorist practices against the people in the northern countryside of Hasaka  and brought  a number of harvesters to steal wheat fields of  farmers and seize their agricultural crops in the Ras Al-Ayn countryside..

Civil sources told  SANA reporter that the Turkish occupation forces had brought  a number of harvesters to the occupied Ras al-Ayn region in the northern countryside of Hasaka,  in order to steal agricultural crops and smuggle them into Turkish territory.

A civilian is martyred in landmine blast left behind by terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun farms in the southern countryside of Idlib

A civilian was martyred  by a landmine explosion left behind by ISIS terrorists  in Khan Sheikhoun farms in  Idlib  southern countryside.

 SANA reporter said  that a landmine  left behind by terrorists groups  exploded  while a civilian was plowing his land with an agricultural tractor in Khan Sheikhoun farms, which caused his death.

New job opportunities ensured for martyrs’ relatives

Damascus (ST): The special committee in charge of  employing relatives of martyrs at the cabinet (wife and children)  issued new lists for appointment.
The committee issued a statement including the list of  99 martyrs’ relatives to be appointed in jobs directly.

A fire Erupts at Palmyra Orchards Oasis

A fire broke out on Monday  at  the historic  Palmyra orchards oasis  in the south of the city, extending from near  Palmyra Cham  Hotel to the surrounding of the southern catacombs.

 “The  Palmyra Agriculture Department , civil  Defense  and the authorities   in Palmyra  worked  to put out the fire, the  causes  of which have not been known so far”,  Assistant Director  of the Palmyra Agriculture Department, Ahmed Yousef, said  in a statement to the SANA reporter.