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A fire Erupts at Palmyra Orchards Oasis

A fire broke out on Monday  at  the historic  Palmyra orchards oasis  in the south of the city, extending from near  Palmyra Cham  Hotel to the surrounding of the southern catacombs.

 “The  Palmyra Agriculture Department , civil  Defense  and the authorities   in Palmyra  worked  to put out the fire, the  causes  of which have not been known so far”,  Assistant Director  of the Palmyra Agriculture Department, Ahmed Yousef, said  in a statement to the SANA reporter.

Syria ends night curfew

The Syrian government team tasked with fighting Coronovirus  has adopted new decisions to ease the lockdown. 
It ended  both the night curfew and the movement restrictions between governorates as of tomorrow May 26. It also extended the period of opening shops until 7:00 pm.
The team suspended the flights that bring back stranded Syrian citizens from abroad until further notice. This question will be discussed again after treating all infected people, who are now in isolation centers in Syria.

M4 has been rescured for traffic and civilians

The M4 International Highway that extends from the Iraqi borders to Aleppo governorate through Hasaka has been resecured on Monday for civilian and transport traffic.
The Syrian News Agency  reported that the road has been secured completely from al-Yarubiya to Aleppo after several breaches by the Turkish regime's  mercenaries. 

Armenian humanitarian mission completes its task of removing hidden killers in a town in Aleppo

The Armenian humanitarian mission has completed its task of removing mines and explosive devices, left behind by terrorists groups, in al-Zeraa town of an area of 51. 334 square meter in the southern Aleppo countryside.
The consul of Armenia in Aleppo gave a speech on the occasion of the completion of the task of cleansing the town. He asserted his country's support for Syrian people  to spread peace. 

Two explosions rock Turkish-occupied areas in Syria

Two explosions rocked on Monday al-Bab city and Afrin area in the northern Aleppo countryside, according to local sources. 
The sources said that an explosive device-planted in a car- went off   in the heart of the Turkish-occupied al-Bab city, leaving one person wounded.

Health Ministry: 20 new COVID-19 cases reported in Syria, raising the number of infections to 106

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Health Ministry announced on Monday that the number of coronavirus cases in Syria has risen to 106 after 20 new cases have been registered among the Syrians who have recently returned home from abroad.

According to the Ministry, among the new cases are 15 citizens who came back from Kuwait, 3 from Sudan, 1 from Russia and 1 from the UAE.

The ministry said that the total number of infections has so far reached 106, 41 of which have recovered while 4 have died.

No local coronavirus cases have been registered in Syria since the beginning of this month.

The first registered COVID-19 case was confirmed in Syria on March 22 for a patient who came from abroad, while the first death was registered on March 29.

Explosions heard in the occupied Syrian Golan

Sounds of explosions heard near the ceasfie line between Syrian-controlled territory and the Israeli-occupied portion of the Golan
Israeli enemy fires flare bombs over the region, according to the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel.