Ministry of Health: 16 new coronavirus cases registered, 10 recovered, one passed away

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of  Health has  announced  that 16 new coronavirus cases have been registered among people who have been in close contact with infected people, while 10 have recovered, and one case has died.

The Ministry said in a statement, that the total number of infections in Syria has risen to 328, among which 123 have recovered and 10 have passed away.

"Sons of the Sun" activities launched throughout the Syrian cities to mark the International Day for Street Children

With the support of the Ministry of Labor  and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and under the auspices of the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs, the activities of the "Sons of the Sun" event  was launched yesterday by the "Saiyar" project in most of the Syrian governorates.

It is an event that" Saiyar" used to organize  on the first of July  to address the community of this category of children who do not enjoy family care and suffer from several social problems, as well as to shed light on the dangers that resulted from wars or poor living conditions.

A PV power station in service in Sweida

One of the renewable energy projects that reflects the importance of investing in this field for its  key role in securing energy alternatives is the PV power plant that was put into service on Wednesday  in the town of Qanawat in the countryside of Sweida province.

According to the Director  of  Sweida Electricity Company, Eng. Nidal Nofal, this station is an addition to five stations that work with photovoltaic energy in the governorate, with a capacity of 30 kilowatt hours per station. The daily grid is supplied between 800 and 1000 kilowatt.

Second batch of Syrian students studying in India arrives in Damascus

Damascus (ST): The second batch of Syrian students studying in India, in addition to a medicine shipment for confronting the coronavirus pandemic offered from the Indian government, arrived at Damascus International Airport.

In a press statement, Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Faisal al-Mikdad affirmed the strength of the Syrian Indian relations which are based on mutual relations, expressing the gratitude of the Syrian people and government  for the medical aid at a time when some states are trying to impose unilateral coercive measures on Syrian people.

Al-Mikdad referred to the great efforts exerted by the Indian party to ensure the arrival of the medical aid and to India’s principled stands in support of Syria in its battle against terrorism at all international arenas.

Kherbet Ammo village's residents protest against the presence of US and Turkish occupation forces in Syria

HASAKA, (ST)_The residents of Kherbet Ammo village in Qameshli countryside staged on Thursday a national rally calling  for the exit of occupation forces from Syria. 
The participants in the rally raised the national flag and the pictures of President Bashar al-Assad. They also held banners condemning the US and Turkish occupation forces and the US Caesar Act. 

Protests against US-backed SDF groups' acts in Syria

DER EZZOUR, (ST)_The town of Ghranij witnessed today a popular protest against the acts of the US-backed" Syrian Democratic Forces" groups  [Its Arabic Acronym is QASAD].

The protesters called for the release of the people arrested by the SDF and to improve their living conditions in the eastern countryside of Der Ezzour, according to the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper.

Basma Qaddour

Israeli enemy prevents firefighters from putting out fire near the barbed wire in Quneitra

QUNEITRA, (ST)_The Israeli occupation forces set fire to lands in Shita area near the barbed wire in Quneitra and open fire on firefighters to prevent them from putting out the fire, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA). 

The agency affirmed that the fire reached the liberated part of Quneitra. 

Basma Qaddour