Al-Shmaitiyeh Settlements Are Over in Deir ez-Zor...High Turnout at Al-Sabkhah Center in Raqqa

The concerned authorities have completed the settlement process in the town of Al-Shmaitiyeh in the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor. The authorities are scheduled to return tomorrow Wednesday to the city of Deir ez-Zor in order to receive those wishing to join the comprehensive settlement for the people of the Province, while the process continues in the town of Al-Sabkha in the eastern countryside of Raqqa.

Turkish occupation’s attack on Al-Rabe’at town causes displacement of many families towards nearby town

HASAKAH, Jan.18, (ST)-The Turkish occupation forces and their allied terrorist groups fired on Tuesday artillery shells on Al-Rabe’at town in the northwestern countryside of Hasakah province. 
According to local sources, the shells were fired from areas that are under the occupation of Turkish forces towards residential districts in Al-Rabe’at town, causing material damage to the houses of residents and the displacement of many families towards Em Al-Debs town. 

260 solar-powered lighting devices installed in several streets in Damascus

Within the framework of its plan to depend on renewable energy in lighting the streets of Damascus, Damascus Governorate has completed the installation of 260 solar-powered lighting devices in several streets in the city.

Director of the Lighting Department at the Governorate Ziad Sa’da told SANA that the devices were distributed as follows: 50 in Jisr Al-Raees area in downtown Damascus, 75 in several streets in Mazzeh and 135 in Al-Qadam area.

He clarified that these 260 solar-powered lighting devices are the first batch out of 850 devices dedicated for Damascus governorate.

EDPA launches the test version of its exports guide

The export and production Support and Development Agency (EDPA) has launched the test version of the exports guide on its website which contains a list of the most important exporting companies working in different fields, including in food, textiles, agriculture, engineering, chemicals and services.

Director of the EDPA Thaer Fayyad said in a statement to SANA that this guide aims at promoting the national industry at foreign markets, pointing out that the agency will have direct contacts with the producers.

After completing the data of the companies listed in the guide, this data will be promoted via international marketing and promotion platforms so that the guide will be the electronic gate for introducing the Syrian product, Fayyad added.

Communications cut off from large parts of the city of Daraa as a result of an attack by unknown persons

Daraa, (ST) - A source in Daraa Communications told a SANA reporter that land communications and internet services have been cut off in large parts of the city.

The source indicated that this was caused due to  an attack by unknown persons at night on the communications cables in the Bosra Square area.

The sources stressed that the maintenance workshops are working to connect the cut cables, and the return of communications requires an unspecified time yet.

Raghda Sawas

The people of Tel Rifa’t town protest against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries

On January 17th, the people of Tal Rifat area in the northern countryside of Aleppo renewed their rejection of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from terrorist organizations and their crimes against the Syrian citizens.


O. al-Mohammad

Continuation of the settlement process in Al-Shamitiah and Al-Sabkha in the countryside of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa

On January 17ththe comprehensive settlement process for the people of Raqqa and Deir el-Zor continued in the settlement centers in Shamitiyah in the western countryside of Deir el-Zor and al-Sabkha in the eastern countryside of Raqqa

The comprehensive settlement process includes wanted civilians, fleeing military personnel, and those who failed to serve the reserve services.