Syrian Official Delegation Authorized to Adopt Decisions in Geneva 2 Talks, Says Al-Miqdad

GENEVA,(ST)_Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister has underscored that the Syrian official delegation to Geneva-2 conference is authorized by the Syrian leadership to take any decision to end the ongoing crisis in the country.

Faisal al-Miqdad, who was speaking at a news conference held on Sunday, made it clear that the delegation represents the Syrian Arab Republic and not the regime.

"We are working for the success of the conference and we do not fear to discuss any topic," Faisal al-Miqdad said.

Humanitarian aid 

Commenting on humanitarian aid, he clarified that this topic is not the main topic in Geneva-2 conference, but we accepted to discuss it to reassure the Syrian citizens. Terrorism must be the first topic to be debated in the conference.

"Syria doesn't use the policy of hunger. We are really serious when we say that we are seeking to deliver bread to every citizen nationwide," al-Miqdad said, stressing that the terrorist groups hamper delivery of humanitarian aid to many areas.

Terrorists prevent families from leaving old city of Homs

"If terrorists allow the families in the old city of Homs to leave the flashpoint area, we will provide them with everything they need. Last month, we catered 4.000.000 food baskets to the areas in need and we exert every possible effort to deliver aid to every Syrian citizen nationwide," al-Miqdad said.

He added: "We came to the conference to explain the real image of what is going on in Syria to the public opinion which has been misled…Homs is our city and the havoc there is the result of shelling the armed groups."

Al-Miqdad , in addition, asserted that the sanctions imposed on Syria kill citizens and contradict the international law. "We call for lifting these sanctions. But this topic was not discussed in the meetings," he said.

Firm principles  

"We accept what is being accepted by the Syrian citizen, who we represent, and we do not accept any foreign solution.  Issues related to Syria's future cannot be discussed as the Syrian blood is still being shed," al-Miqdad said.

No children arrested

As for detainees file, he underlined that there are no children among detainees, adding that the terrorist groups have recruited children to kill soldiers and citizens. 

"We are open to discussion and we do not fear to tackle any topic because we see that this is the right way to find a way out of the crisis," al-Miqdad said.

He made a comparison between the Russian and US remarks on the talks by saying: "The Russian Foreign Minister has asserted that no talks with terrorists while the US officials call for negotiation with the terrorists."

12000 shells hit Damascus

"In the past 4 months, terrorists fired 12000 shells on Damascus province only," al-Miqdad said, adding that Saud Arabia has released thousands of prisoners and sent them to fight, alongside terrorists, in Syria.

 He called on the real Syrian opposition to sit down at the negotiation table.

Basma Qaddour