Middle East Council of Churches calls on Biden's administration to lift the sanctions imposed on Syria

The Middle East Council of Churches and a number of senior clergymen called on the US President Joe Biden to cancel the unilateral coercive measures imposed by Washington on the Syrian people and which have worsened the suffering of the Syrians, particularly in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The call came in a letter sent to Biden on the occasion of his becoming the new President of the United States officially.

"Once again, the Council of the Middle East Churches renews its call for lifting the economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and that threaten with an unprecedented humanitarian disaster in the region.

The letter urged an immediate lifting of the sanctions which have for years affected the econonic, social and health conditions of the Syrians, particularly amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

"Ten years ago, Syria was the food basket of the region, but today, and because of the war and the US sanctions, the Syrian people are suffering a lot," the letter said, calling on Biden to work hard to ease the impacts of the humanitarian crisis which threatens the Middle East and the world with a new wave of instability.

The letter urged Washington to stop using coercive measures as a policy to achieve its goals at the expense of peoples.


Hamda Mustafa