Syria strongly condemns US and western interference in Russia’s internal affairs

Syria strongly condemns the blatant American and Western interference in Russia’s internal affairs and the West’s anti-Russia incitement campaigns that aim at destabilizing the country.

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates told SANA on Sunday that such behavior proves the hypocrisy that has characterized the western countries’ policies when they speak about democracy and human rights, because these policies flagrantly contradict the simplest principles of human rights and led in many regions of the world to a lot of human casualties.

 The unfair sanctions imposed by the West on several sovereign countries are the main reason for the suffering of many peoples of the world and for depriving them of the basic requirements of life, the source added.

 The source pointed out that exploiting the so-called Navalny case by the West will no longer deceive anyone because the West has lost the minimum level of credibility and it seeks to distort the image of the Russian Federation and use its agents and tools inside Russia to destabilize the country in implementation of its agendas which aim at dominating the world and violating the sovereignty of its countries.

Hamda Mustafa