US-backed SDF militia continues to prevent students in Hasaka neighborhoods from reaching their schools

HASAKA, (ST)- The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) separatist militia continues to prevent students in the neighborhoods of Syria’s Hasaka from reaching their schools by not allowing transportation means to enter the city’s center as part of the militia’s continuous aggressive acts against the locals in Hasaka.

In a statement to SANA, Hasaka Education Director Ilham Sorkhan said that the militia’s prevention of transportation means to enter the city center, has impeded the students’ ability to reach their schools, pointing out that most of the students come from different neighborhoods in Hasaka to study the government’s curriculum in the light of the continuous attempts by the SDF militia to impose certain curricula that serve its US-backed separatist agenda.

 The majority of students, who came from different neighborhoods, depend on public and private transportation to reach their schools, Sorkhan said, indicating that only the students living in the city center could attend their classes.

The US-backed SDF militia goes on with its oppressive practices that aim at stopping the education process in Hasaka and at depriving thousands of children and youths from their right to education. The militia has seized around 93 percent of the province’s schools and obstructed the access of children and youth to public schools to impose its separatist policies.

Hamda Mustafa