4 people died as a result of a fire in Al-HolCamp in Hasakah

On February 27th, 4 people, including a child, died and 18 others were injured in a fire that broke out in the SDF-run Al-Hol refugee camp,in the eastern countryside of Hasaka.

Sources from inside the camp stated that a fire broke out in a group of tents in the fourth section inside the camp, as a result of the explosion of a “kerosene stove” due to the use of poor-quality fuel, which led to the death of 4 people, including a child.


The sources indicated that 18 people were injured as a result of the fire and were hospitalized in hospitals in Hasakah city, with  medium to serious burns .

The US-backed SDF militias are holding thousands of displaced Syrians in the Camp in tragic conditions that threaten a humanitarian catastrophe in light of the severe shortage of survival requirements in terms of water, medicine, medicine, food, security and others.


O. al-Mohammad