The American occupation brings in 60 vehicles loaded with logistical supplies to support its illegal bases in Hasakeh countryside

Hasakeh (ST):  The American occupation forces brought in a convoy loaded with logistical materials and equipment to reinforce their illegal military bases in the Hasakeh countryside, in a continuation of their violations of international laws and principles.

Local sources from the Yarubiyah countryside near the Iraqi border said that a convoy of 60 vehicles, including refrigerators, covered trucks, and tankers carrying military equipment and ammunition, headed from the illegal Al-Waleed crossing to the countryside of Tel Hamis, northeast of Hasakeh, via what is known as the Petroleum Road.

The sources pointed out that several four wheel-drive vehicles equipped with various machine guns belonging to the “SDF” militia affiliated with the American occupation accompanied the convoy from the time it entered Syrian territory until it reached the occupation bases. 

Yesterday, the American occupation forces brought in a convoy of 22 trucks loaded with logistical materials that headed to the illegal Khrab al-Jir military airport in the Yarubiyah countryside.