The (SDF) militia besieges residential areas in Hasakeh and kidnaps a number of men and elderly people

Hasakeh (ST): As part of its continuous crimes against the people in the areas it controls, the “SDF” militia, backed by the American occupation forces has besieged residential areas in the city of Hasakeh and kidnapped a number of men and the elderly and took them to an unknown destination.

Local sources said that the militia of the SDF besieged with a number of armored vehicles and four-wheel-drive vehicles equipped with machine guns  Al-Falah and Al-Tushan areas and other areas east of the Ghweran neighborhood, and raided the homes of citizens and kidnapped a number of men and the elderly.

The sources pointed out that a number of militia gunmen fired massively and indiscriminately towards houses to intimidate locals and force them to stay in their homes, which led to a state of panic, especially among children and women.

 The SDF militia, with the support of the US occupation, has stepped up its raids in the areas it occupies in the Syrian Jazeera and kidnapped dozens of people and hundreds of young men in the countryside of Deir Ezzour, Raqqa and Hasakeh and took them to its affiliated camps in preparation for forcing them to fight within its ranks.