Gunmen, wanted people join settlement agreement in Tafas, Daraa

The legal status of a number of gunmen, wanted people and military service deserters in the city of Tafas in Daraa northwestern countryside was settled on Saturday pursuant to the settlement agreement proposed by the Syrian state to establish security and stability in Daraa province.

According to SANA reporter, dozens of gunmen form Daraa city came to the settlement center in Tafas and handed over their weapons to the Syrian Army, including individual weapons, RPG ammunition and shells as well as rockets.

The reporter pointed out that as the reconciliation process continues, the army units are getting ready to deploy in different parts of the city, singling the return of security and stability and in preparation for the return of the state’s institutions to this area.

“Encouraging peaceful settlement, settling the legal status of wanted people and restoring services to the city, pave the way for the return of normal life and speed up the process of agricultural production, which was impeded during the past years,”  one of the citizens said, expressing the locals’ satisfaction over these developments.

 In implementation of the settlement agreement proposed by the state, many gunmen and wanted people in Daraa Al-Balad neighborhood, Al-Yadouda village and Muzerib town have settled their legal status. As a result, thousand of locals returned to their houses in Daraa Al-Balad neighborhood after the army had established military points there.


Hamda Mustafa