Hamo town’s residents throw stones on US convoy to force it to return from where it came

HASAKAH, (ST)_On Tuesday the residents of Hamo town in the eastern countryside of Qameshl blocked  a US military convoy and forced it to return from where it came.  
According to local sources, the US military convoy, which was composed of 3 armored vehicles and a Hummer car, tried to pass to the city of Qameshli through the international road, which is located near Hamo town, but the residents threw stones at the convoy and forced it to go back. 
The residents’ move affirms their rejection of the presence of the US occupation forces in Syrian territories.
Over the past months, the residents of the towns and villages of Hasakah Countryside, backed by the Syrian army soldiers, have blocked several military convoys, affiliated to the US occupation forces, while trying to illegally move freely in these areas. 
Basma Qaddour