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SDF militia kidnaps 15 civilians in villages in southern countryside of Hasakah

The "SDF militia" supported by the American occupation forces continued their raids in the areas they occupied in the Syrian Jazeera, kidnapping many civilians in the southern countryside of Hasakah.

Local sources told SANA correspondent that 15 cars carrying armed groups of the "SDF militia" carried out today a campaign of raids in the villages of Sharjah, Al-Atala and al-Gharb in the southern countryside of Hasakah and kidnapped 15 civilians and took them by force of arms to the city of Al-Shaddadi.

The sources pointed out that the militia gunmen opened fire randomly to terrorize civilians and search homes, amid discontent among the people who reject their presence and who denounce the presence of the American occupation forces.

American occupation, in collusion with US-backed SDF militia, steals and smuggles new batch of Syrian wheat

The US occupation forces on Thursday smuggled a new batch of Syrian wheat stolen from Tal Alou silos in Hasakah northern countryside to the north of Iraq.

Local sources told SANA correspondent that the occupation forces brought out 12 trucks carrying stolen Syrian wheat from Tal Alou silos in Al-Yaroubiyyeh area in Hasakah to the north of Iraq via Simalka border crossing.

The American occupation forces, in collusion with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia, continue to plunder the Syrians’ wealth, including oil and grains on a daily basis. Last week, the occupation forces brought out 38 trucks carrying wheat stolen from the silos of Tal Alou to the northern part of Iraq through the illegal crossings the militia usually uses to facilitate its moves.

Death of civilian and injury of others due to renewed fighting of Erdogan's mercenaries in Afrin

A civilian was killed and others were wounded as a result of the renewed fighting of the Turkish regime's mercenaries' in the vicinity of Afrin in the northern countryside of Aleppo, which is occupied by the Turkish regime forces and where the terrorist groups loyal to it are spread.

Local sources stated that a dispute arose between the mercenaries of the so-called “Sultan Murad Division” on the one side and the so-called “Military Police” on the other side on one of the roads leading to the city of Afrin. The dispute erupted over the division and distribution of areas of influence and the seizure of citizens ’property. It developed into a violent clash with automatic weapons, which led to the death of one civilian and the wounding of others, in addition to the destruction of the surrounding homes.

Fighting continues between terrorist groups affiliated with the Turkish regime in most of the areas in which they are spread, resulting in the death and injury of dozens of them, the death and injury of a number of civilians, and material damage to the property of the people and public property.

Inas Abdulkareem

Syria condemns convening the so-called (Brussels 5) conference without inviting the Syrian government

Syria expressed its condemnation of the convening of the so-called "Brussels 5" conference without inviting the Syrian government, affirming its rejection of this show activity and the illegality of what is issued by it. It calls on its organizers to cease these futile policies and to adopt a realistic and constructive approach in working with the Syrian government to meet the basic needs of the Syrian people.

In a letter sent on Wednesday through its permanent mission in New York to the UN Secretary-General and to the President of the Security Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that the Syrian Arab Republic expresses its disapproval for holding this conference for the fifth time without inviting the Syrian government; the party concerned with the affairs of the Syrian people and their needs and the essential partner for the United Nations and the international community in humanitarian work in Syria.

A video documents the US occupation's theft of Syrian oil

The Russian Sputnik News Agency has aired a video documenting the moment a US-occupation convoy of tankers transport looted  Syrian oil from the US-backed occupied lands.

The video shows a conoy of tanks and vehicles of the US occupation about  to fill up oil and gas from wells located between the villages of Suwaidah Muhammad Al-Dahham and Suwaidah Muhammad Al-Olayannear the town of Al-Yarubiyah, close  the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The US-backed SDF militias seized a number of oil and gas fields located in northeast Syria.

The US occupation forces and SDF militias have turned these oil and gas fields into illegal military bases


O. al-Mohammad

Syria Outraged by Brussels V conference

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates is outraged by the convening of "Brussels V" conference without the invitation of the Syrian government .This goes against the UN mandate and Security Council decisions  ....(to be continued)

Awqaf Minister calls for enhancing social solidarity

LATTAKIA, (ST)_ Minister of Endowments [Awqaf] Mohammad Abdul Sattar Al-Sayyed has said that religious address must focus on enhancing social solidarity regarding issues affecting people's daily life and urging traders to offer assistance  to those who are in need.

The minister's remarks came during his meeting on Wednesday with clergymen in 'Al-Rawda" Mosque in Lattakia city.

He affirmed the need to be united to face the current circumstances that Syria is going through.