Turkish official: Billions of US dollars spent by Erdogan to support terrorists operating in Syria

Ankara( ST): The Turkish People's Republican Party reiterated today that the president of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyeb Erdogan is responsible for the spread of the Corona virus pandemic in most of the Turkish states because of his delay in taking  practical and rapid measures to prevent its spread, and because of his spending of billions of US dollars to support terrorist organizations operating in Syria and launching aggressive attacks on its territories.

Czech parliamentarian: Unfair coercive measures impede the return of Syria to normal

On April 2, Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Committee of the Czech Parliament Jirgy Kubza affirmed that the continuation of unfair coercive economic measures imposed on Syria represent the main obstacle to the reconstruction of what was destroyed by terrorism and the return of conditions to normal.

In a statement to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) correspondent in Prague Kupza said that ending unilateral coercive economic measures, stopping foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and the withdrawal of illegal foreign forces would allow the Syrian state to eliminate the remaining terrorist organizations and restore security and stability to all regions of the country.

WHO warns against the accelerated spread of Corona pandemic

Capitals (ST): The World Health Organization (WHO) warned against the rapid spread of the Corona virus pandemic as the number of infections have reached 928000 all over the world.

France Press Agency quoted WHO President  Tedros Adhanom  as saying in a press conference via internet that the number of deaths increased twice in comparison with the number last week, noting that the number of infections will reach one million in the forthcoming few days and the deaths to 50000. He  stressed the necessity of unity in combatting the fatal virus.

Moscow calls on Washington to support its words with deeds

Moscow, (ST) - Russia has called on the United States to associate its words with actions regarding the abolition of the embargo imposed on Iran in light of the crisis of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Zamir Kabulov, Head of the Second Asia Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying today that "if the Americans are ready to support their statements with specific actions and lift the sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, expressing their good willwe will definitely welcome this step."

The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, said earlier today that the illegal blockade of US on his country in light of the Corona outbreak shows their folly because it is a global pandemic and everyone must join hands to contain it and limit its effects.

Raghda Sawas

Italian citizens burn the EU flag

Italian citizens have burned the European Union flag, after the European Union reduced its support to their country in confronting the Corona pandemic, which is spreading very quickly in it.

After the death toll rose in Italy because of this virus, and the European Union withdrawal to provide aid to the Italians, the action of burning the European Union flag became a movement and spread in Italian cities by youths and activists.