Saudi Military Can't Fight Way out of Paper Bag, Says US Senator

A Republican US senator, often an ally of President Donald Trump, has echoed the president's derogatory remarks about Saudi Arabia's military capabilities, saying the Saudi military "can't fight [its way] out of a paper bag."

In pointed remarks made to Fox News on Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who is a hawk on Iran, said Saudi Arabia would be defeated by Iran militarily "in about a week" if it did not have the support of the United States.

UN Eyes 2019 Yemen Peace Talks

Another round of talks on the Saudi-led war on Yemen will likely take place in the coming months, sources said, as warring parties met for UN-sponsored talks in Sweden.

The Sweden initiative marks the first meeting between the two sides since the 2016 breakdown of talks to end the Saudi war, which has claimed more than 15,000 lives since 2015 when the aggression began.

It has triggered the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with nearly 14 million Yemenis at risk of mass starvation as violence, poverty, disease and blockades cause huge suffering to the impoverished country.

The talks are not aimed at finding a solution to the Yemen conflict, according to the UN.

Zarif Calls for Respecting Int'l Regulations

 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message called for respecting international law to have stronger region.

'Our region has had far too many strongmen who have only caused war & misery. What we need is a stronger REGION rather than strongmen. For this we need dialogue, respect for international law, inclusion, security networking, economic cooperation, and more people-to-people contact,' Zarif tweeted on Sunday.

Zionist Forces Shoot Disabled Palestinian

A recently released video footage has showed Zionist forces shooting a disabled Palestinian man in the back, despite the military’s claim that he was killed during "clashes" in the occupied West Bank, Press T.V reported.

Zionist forces shot 22-year-old Mohammad Hossam Habali in Tulkarm on December 4 and the regime’s military claimed that its troops had been responding to "a violent riot” in which “dozens of Palestinians hurled rocks."

But a video has surfaced, showing no violent confrontation between the Zionist forces and a group of Palestinians gathered in the western part of the city.

US Needs ‘Puppet’ Like Saudi Arabia to Achieve Global Domination: US Analyst

Saudi Arabia is a regional "puppet" of the United States, an American analyst says, arguing that Washington needs Riyadh as part of its grand plan for global domination.

According to Press TV, Keith Preston, director of, made the remarks while discussing Washington’s continued support for the ongoing Saudi war against Yemen despite international outrage.

Timothy Lenderking, the deputy assistant secretary for Persian Gulf affairs in the Near East Bureau of the US Department of State, told a security forum in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday that Washington was under pressure to stop supporting the military aggression.