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Erdogan supports terrorism in Syria, says Aran Erdam

Ankara, (ST) - Aran Erdam, member of the Central Committee of the Turkish Republican People's Party, reaffirmed that Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime is the main reason for the region's problems, noting its continued support for terrorist organizations in Syria.
Erdam warned in a television interview that Erdogan's continued approach to the Muslim Brotherhood was seriously reflected in Turkey, and said that Erdogan relied on his approach on the Brotherhood's ideology, which he believed would make him a new successor and authority, so he provided all kinds of support to terrorist organizations in Syria.
Erdem criticized the aggression launched by the Erdogan's regime on the Syrian territories, stressing that the Turkish occupation of parts of these lands cannot be justified under any pretext and providing support to armed groups carrying out terrorist practices.
The Turkish Republican People's Party has confirmed several times that Erdogan's regime has interfered openly and seriously in Syria's affairs and has provided all kinds of support to terrorist organizations in it and that its failed policies towards it pose a threat to Turkey.
Meanwhile, on the 3rd of this month, the joint head of the Turkish People's Peoples Party, Parvin Buldan, confirmed that Erdogan is an ally of terrorist organizations in Syria.

 Raghda Sawas