About 900 Azerbaijani terrorists dead or missing in Syria and Iraq

Baku, (ST) - The Interior Ministry of Azerbaijan revealed that about 1500 Azerbaijanis have left their country for Syria and Iraq with the aim of joining the ranks of terrorist organizations, noting that more than 900 of them are considered killed or missing.

The Azerbaijani Interior Ministry said in a statement today, quoting a study on “Extremism in some societies in Azerbaijan” that “as of October 2018, 1477 Azerbaijanis left their country, including a thousand and 136 men and 341 women to Syria and Iraq with the aim of joining the ranks of terrorist organizations and that 903 of these are 749 men and 154 women are considered killed or missing.”

The ministry added that "a small portion of the participants in terrorist organizations, whose number does not exceed 309 returned to Azerbaijan and were tried and punished

In September 2017, the deputy head of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan, General IlgarMusaev, announced the withdrawal of Azerbaijani citizenship from more than 150 citizens who participated in the hostilities alongside terrorist organizations abroad.

According to the media in Azerbaijan, many Azerbaijanis have joined terrorist organizations in Syria.

Raghda Sawas