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The Cyprus Presidency confirms the practice of Turkish piracy

 On January 19, Cyprus confirmed that the Turkish regime practices piracy and insists on violating international legitimacy by announcing new plans for oil and gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean, especially in the Cypriot territorial waters.

The European Union renewed its warning to the Turkish regime against any illegal activities to explore for oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean, especially Cypriot waters.

“Turkey has turned into a country practicing piracy in the eastern Mediterranean and insists on violating the international legitimacy. Turkey ignored the calls of the international community, especially the European Union's calls to end its illegal activities within the Cypriot waters,” the Cyprus News Agency quoted the Cyprus Presidency as saying.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected repeated European Union warnings and announced in a provocative move his intention to conduct gas exploration at Mediterranean Sea.

O. al-Mohammad