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Protests continue in Lebanon

Protests and sit-ins continued on Sunday  in a number of Lebanese regions in demand for a  speedy  government formation , the improvement of living conditions  and combatting corruption.

In Beirut, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the Lebanese parliament headquarters   on Baladiyya Street, amid a proliferation of riot police and the army.

The Lebanese National News Agency reported that a tear gas bomb was launched, and stones were thrown at the Internal Security Forces  but the protesters stopped the stone throwers .

The agency pointed out that tension prevails at the headquarters of the Lebanese parliament   amid the demonstrators continuous stone throwing at the riot police

The  General Directorate  of  Internal Security Forces renewed their request from the demonstrators to maintain the peace of the demonstration and prevent the rioters from continuing the attacks .


Dozens of demonstrators also gathered in front of the Banque du Liban on al-Hamra Street to protest against the policy of the Central Bank and banks in general.

There were also sit-ins in Kafrerman , Nabatieh, and in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, to condemn the financial and banking policy.

The agency noted that protesters  ignited  a belt of fire at dawn on Sunday in front of the Electricity Company in Sidon, while the Lebanese army and security forces worked to maintain security and open roads that were blocked by protesters in front of the citizens.

On the other hand, the agency said that the Lebanese discriminatory prosecutor, Judge Ghassan  Ouidat, instructed the authorities concerned to release those who have been arrested  as a result of the riots that took place on Saturday  in  the Lebanese capital, with the exception of those entitled to judicial warrants for other crimes.

The Lebanese Red Cross announced that 220 people were injured during  clashes  that took place on Saturday  between Lebanese security forces and rioters in Al-Najma Square in downtown of  Beirut.

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