Iraqi people have a pioneering role in Driving out the American forces, says Shamkhani

Tehran, (ST)  -  Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Ali Shamkhani, affirmed that the massive million demonstration  that took place in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad today, reflected  the pioneering role of the Iraqi people in the process of removing American forces from Iraq.

Shamkhani said in a statement today that "the countdown to the expulsion of American forces from the region began since the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani."

The Member of the Leadership Experts Council in Iran, Muhammad Hassan Abu Turabi, stressed the importance of the steadfastness and unity of the peoples of the region in achieving victory over its enemies.

Abu Turabi said in his Friday sermon that victory depends on the collective patience that the people of the region must show in solidarity with each other, noting the million demonstrators in Baghdad,  the Iranian resistance and response to the assassination of Soleimani is but the beginning of the end of the illegal American presence in the region.

Baghdad witnessed today a massive demonstration of millions denouncing the presence of American forces and demanding their exit from Iraq.

In turn, the former Iranian defense minister, Brigadier Ahmed Wahidi, affirmed that the Iranian missile strike on the American base in western Iraq had resulted in the death of 70 soldiers while 200 were wounded .

"While US President Donald Trump hides the results of the Iranian bombing, we are confident that he has killed 70 Americans and injured at least 200," Fares news agency quoted Wahidi as saying in a speech today.

Wahidi pointed out that the Americans have formally recognized their assassination of General Soleimani, while  Germany, Britain, France and other Western countries support and encourage the crime of assassination -this confirms that they are sponsors of terrorism, wondering how these countries claim to fight terrorism and set rules for others in this regard.

Raghda Sawas