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Protests continue in Beirut and some Lebanese regions

Beirut, (ST) - Protests continued in Beirut and some Lebanese regions demanding improvement of living condition and accountability for the corrupt. 

The Lebanese National News Agency said that dozens of protesters gathered in the center of Beirut at the entrances of parliament, which will hold a session to discuss the general budget for 2020, and tried to storm the barriers and barbed wire that were placed in front of the parliament, but the Lebanese army personnel deployed in the place prevented them.

The security forces also tried to keep the protesters from the center of Beirut and to stop them from approaching the entrances of the House of Representatives after they had thrown stones and water bottles at security.

Protesters also closed several roads in Beirut, threw stones at the security forces, and closed the Corniche way.

In Tripoli, North Lebanon, the protesters re-closed the main road at al-Manar Roundabout and lay down on roads and pavements after the army opened the above mentioned road.

In Zahle, employees of justice palace carried out a sit-in in front of the Palace of Justice to protest against their deprivation of their rights to work in a suitable atmosphere.

Since October 17, Lebanon has been witnessing sit-ins in demand of improved living conditions.

Raghda Sawas