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The Pentagon admits wounding 50 soldiers in the Iranian missile strike on Ein al-Assad base

The Pentagon has confirmed the injury of fifty of its soldiers as a result of the Iranian missile strike that targeted Ain al-Assad base in western Iraq on January 8.

"As for the casualties resulting from the attack on Ein al-Assad base in western Iraq, as of today, 50 US military personnel have been diagnosed with brain injuries," Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Campbell, a Pentagon spokesman, was quoted by Reuters as saying in a statement.

He clarified that 31 of the 50 soldiers received treatment in Iraq, while 18 of the injured soldiers were transferred to Germany for further evaluation and treatment and others were transferred to Kuwait, noting that “this is a brief overview and the numbers may change.”

On January 24, the US Department of Defense admitted that 34 of its soldiers were wounded as a result of the Iranian missile strike in response to the assassination of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and his companions. President Donald Trump, denied any injuries.

According to observers, Trump's claim that there were no casualties among his forces as a result of the Iranian strike which comes in an attempt to absorb the anger of the Americans over his reckless policies towards Tehran by denying first, and then announcing the losses of the American forces gradually.


O. al-Mohammad