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A day of Palestinian anger and a general strike in the occupied Palestinian territories, in rejection of the deal of the century

Occupied Jerusalem,(ST)-Cities and towns across the Occupied Palestinian Territories are witnessing a day of popular anger and massive strike rejecting the ill-fated deal of the century.

Ma'an Agency reported that popular activities and marches were launched in various parts of the occupied Palestinian territories, in opposition to the so-called (deal of the century) that aims to undermine the rights of the Palestinian people.

The general strike also pervaded various areas of the besieged Gaza Strip and organized popular events and marches in refusal of the deal of the century.

The Palestinian national forces reaffirmed their rejection of the disastrous deal, stressing that the Palestinian people will resist and continue their struggle until this deal is dropped.

In a flagrant violation of international resolutions, US President Donald Trump announced yesterday the terms of the so-called "deal of the century" aimed at eliminating  the Palestinian issue at the expense of the rights of the Palestinian people, claiming that his 80-page plan is the most comprehensive to date of the settlement.

The Palestinians formally and publicly affirmed their  rejection of this deal and that it does not concede their legitimate and inalienable rights guaranteed by international laws, foremost of which is the right to self-determination, the return of refugees to their homes and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital.

Bishop Hanna: The Arab nation is required today more than ever to be a protective shield for Palestine from major conspiracies

For his part, Archbishop Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox, called on the Arab peoples to be today a protective shield for Palestine from the major conspiracies and plans aimed at the elimination of Palestinian issue.


Haifaa Mafaalni