Most of the Syrian areas are safe and ready for reconstruction, says Larijani

Tehran, (ST) - The head of the Iranian Islamic Shura Council, Ali Larijani affirmed that most Syrian regions are safe thanks to the victory over terrorism, pointing out that the continued existence of terrorism in some areas caused by the intervention of foreign countries, but good progress was made to end its spread there.

Larijani said in a statement today, quoted by the Iranian IRNA Agency, that the cooperation of Iran and Syria in the field of combating terrorism had achieved important results, as it directed severe strikes against terrorism, indicating that his country made great achievements to install sustainable security in the region.

Larijani said that the stability of the situation in Syria paves the ground for reconstruction and investment, noting that his country has a lot of potential in the commercial, agricultural and industrial fields, which can be used in Syria, describing his visit to Syria and Lebanon as "positive."


Raghda Sawas