Moscow won't tolerate the presence of terrorist hotbeds in Syria’s Idlib- Vershinin

MOSCOW- Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin has stressed that Russia will never tolerate the presence of terrorist hotbeds in Syria's Idlib, reiterating his country's firm support for Syria's war on terrorism.

In an interview with the Russian Itar Tass News Agency, Vershinin said that there can be no truce with terrorists.

"It should not be our position only, it should be the position of any state. Because to fight terrorists is not only the right and the duty of a single state. There can be no ceasefire with them as far as they are terrorists," Vershinin made it clear, pointing out that the terrorists, which are controlling a major part of Idlib, represent Jabhat al-Nursa terrorist organization and its affiliated armed groups.

 He pointed out that the situation in Idlib was serious and that Russia was in contact with the Turkish side on this situation, asserting that the most important thing is to prevent civilian casualties and continue the uncompromising fight against terrorists.

 The senior Russian diplomat went on to say that on September 17, 2018, Russia and the Turkish regime signed the Sochi agreement on the de-escalation zone in Idleb and that the current contacts between the two countries are dealing with implementing this agreement.

On Friday,  Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reaffirmed that Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should unconditionally be respected.

The Russian leader expressed his deep concern about the continuity of the attacks launched by terrorists in Idleb on neighboring areas, on the Syrian army positions and on Hmeimim airbase.

Vershinin clarified that the Syrian army had to take action to put an end to terrorist attacks on Aleppo and the neighboring areas.

"We definitely support them because the Syrian government is taking action against terrorists on its own territory," he said.

Hamda Mustafa