Workers Party of Turkey: Erdogan's policies toward Syria do not represent the Turkish people

The Workers Party of Turkey  has  denounced  the provocative policies  of President of Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan towards Syria, stressing that these policies neither represent Turkey nor the Turkish people, they only represent Erdogan and his regime.

 The party confirmed in a statement that the Turkish people have always considered Syria as neighbor and a friend, urging immediate and complete withdrawal of the Turkish regime forces from  the Syrian territory and calling for respecting Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The party renewed its rejection of all kinds of external interference in Syria, calling for respecting the will of the Syrian people in determining the future of their country.

 Through its aggressive policies in Syria and Libya, Erdogan's regime colludes with the international imperialism against the friendship of peoples and serves imperialism's plans that seek undermining the region and protecting  terrorist organizations including ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra that Erdogan uses to fulfill his Ottoman dreams, the party said.

Rawaa Ghanam