Czech parliamentarian calls for supporting Syria in the rebuilding process

Czech Member of Parliament Jan Herncherj called for Syria's support and assistance in the process of rebuilding what was destroyed by terrorism, underling the need to start coordination with the Syrian government in this regard.

In an interview with the Czech TV on Wednesday, the MP Herncherj called for  dialogue and coordination with the Syrian government on how to help it in the reconstruction of health facilities, schools and other public facilities that have been destroyed or sabotaged by terrorism.

He pointed out that the Syrians displaced by terrorism are now able to return to their areas that became safe after liberating them from the terrorists.

Meanwhile, Czech political analyst Peter Schnor stressed that the West, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, is interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and destabilizing security and stability in them.

In an article published on the Argument website, Schnor noted that this interference is clear through the support offered by the West and the Turkish regime to the terrorist organizations in Syria, especially in Idlib.

Schnor considered that the process of changing the names of terrorist organizations in the hope of re-marketing them is just putting new labels on an old product.

Inas Abdulkareem