Czech parliamentarian: Unfair coercive measures impede the return of Syria to normal

On April 2, Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Committee of the Czech Parliament Jirgy Kubza affirmed that the continuation of unfair coercive economic measures imposed on Syria represent the main obstacle to the reconstruction of what was destroyed by terrorism and the return of conditions to normal.

In a statement to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) correspondent in Prague Kupza said that ending unilateral coercive economic measures, stopping foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and the withdrawal of illegal foreign forces would allow the Syrian state to eliminate the remaining terrorist organizations and restore security and stability to all regions of the country.


He stressed that the Freedom and Direct Democracy Movement , to which he belongs  to  and is represented in the Czech and European Parliaments, supports the end of these unjust measures.

He highlighted  the distinguished relations between Syria and the Czech Republic.


O. al-Mohammad