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US Diplomats have been involved in planning coups, supporting terrorists and fueling sectarian violence: Tehran

TEHRAN, (ST)-Iranian Foreign Ministry has stressed that the US diplomats have long been involved in supporting coups, arming terrorists and spying even on US allies.

 “Undisputed fact: US diplomats have long been involved in planning coups, arming terrorists, fueling sectarian violence, supporting narcotics cartels, bullying governments and companies, spying on even US allies, engaging with dictators, murderers and terrorists, etc," the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi tweeted on Saturday in reaction to another tweet by US State Secretary Mike Pompeo.

 Mousavi pointed out that Pompeo, the former CIA Director, has led the job of the US diplomat to a new level represented in medical terrorism.

In his recent tweet, Pompeo claimed that the Iranians have been involved in assassinations and bombings in Europe over the past years.

Hamda Mustafa