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Turkish regime has stolen at least 150 ventilators bound for Spain

MADRID, (ST)- The Turkish regime has stolen strategic medical equipments bound to the Spanish Castile-La Mancha province to help it confront corovavirus.  

Emiliano Garcia-Page, President of the Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha province,  said in an official note that the Turkish regime has stolen at least 150 ventilators requested by the province's authorities from China to help the health sector deal with critical coronavirus cases.

 He said that the locals of the province have paid 3 million euro for these equipment.

 Page stressed that he expects Spain to file a diplomatic complaint regarding this development which is  considered as a criminal act.

Well-informed sources clarified that the requested ventilators were installed in Turkey under a request from a Spanish company that had brought the components and parts of the ventilators from China. However, after preparations completed and medical equipment were shipped in a cargo plane, the Turkish authorities hijaked the shipment.

Hamda Mustafa