Egyptian committee: The continuity of imposing sanctions on Syria amid the outbreak of Covid-19 is a crime

CAIRO, (ST)_ The Egyptian popular committee for soldiraty with the Syrian people has affirmed that the continuity of imposing unilateral coercive economic sanctions on Syria amid the outbreak of Coronavirus is a crime against humanity and contradicts international charters.  
The committee said in a statement released today that these sanctions are part of the conspiracy hatched against Syria as western countries seek to undermine the Syrian army's  victories over terrorism that has  been created by these countries for their own interests. 
It called for lifting the sanctions and holding perpetrators accountable because the fight of Cornovirus necessitates international cooperation, not the continuity of the western plans that aim at imposing hegemony over peoples and sovereign countries. 
"Washington that imposes these sanctions is still supporting terrorist groups in Syria," the committe said.
It underlined that the US and western crimes would not have occured without the state of Arab countries' division and subjugation.
Basma Qaddour