Corona's outbreak negate US claims of domination of the world, says Amir Abdullahian

Tehran, (ST) – Special Assistant to Speaker of Iran’s Shura Council Hussein Amir Abdullahian, confirmed that the anti-Corona epidemic operations revealed the lie of US allegations regarding Washington's ability to dominate the world.

Abdullahian, during his meeting with Russian Ambassador to Iran Luan Jagarian, said that "America, which claims to manage the unipolar system, is not able today to manage the fight against the spread of coronavirus in its country," pointing to the world moving quickly towards pluralism.

He affirmed that the American administration’s terrorism hinders the arrival of medical aids to Iran in light of the conditions that the world faces from the outbreak of the Corona virus, but China, Russia and some friends are cooperating well with Iran in combating this disease.

The Russian ambassador Jagarian said that "enhancing parliamentary relations between Iran and Russia is one of the strategic goals of Moscow, and the excellent relations between the two countries are progressing well in all fields."

Jagarian stressed that more Russian aids will be sent to the Iranian people to support anti-Corona virus operations.

Raghda Sawas