Trump plays a terrible role in dealing with the Corona pandemic, says the Washington Post

Washington, (ST) - The Washington Post  has confirmed that US President Donald Trump played a terrible role through daily news briefings about the spread of the Corona virus in the United States, especially in light of the slow dealing of his administration with this epidemic.

The newspaper pointed out in an article that “Trump  is  hardly  ready for such an unexpected crisis, and he discovered early on that he could use the media briefings to meet his desires, and this did not change even with the death toll from the epidemic rising in the United States”.

Washington Post continued that “on most nights, Trump addresses anxious audience for an hour or more to stir up a thick fog of self-congratulations and appreciation for himself, launching political attacks and giving false information.

The newspaper pointed out that "Trump's continuous goal is to confirm that he and his administration are not responsible in any way for this nightmare of Corona pandemic. He affiliates all the failures with previous administrations. The paper warns that Trump, through using his platform to mislead the public, only serves his interest".

According to data published by Johns Hopkins University in the United States earlier, 1939 people died in America with the Corona virus, bringing the total number of deaths in the United States to 12722 cases.

Raghda Sawas