Lebanon Condemns the Inhuman and Unfair Siege Imposed by the West on Syria

The former Lebanese Foreign Minister  Dr. Adnan Mansour has condemned the inhuman and unfair siege imposed by the West on Syria, calling on the international community, the United Nations and the free forces in the world to work to lift it and thwart all the unjust tyrannical policies pursued by the American administration against free peoples.

Mansour stressed in a special statement to  SANA correspondent in Beirut that the United States' adherence to its tyrannical policies against many free nations and peoples is a violation of the principles of freedom, justice and human rights and disregards   all the values and the rights of peoples in  freedom, independence and self-determination.


The former Lebanese Foreign Minister pointed out that the unjust and  inhuman siege imposed by the United States on Syria for years  has been  intensified during  the Corona virus  pandemic and  crowned with   the so-called   “Caesar act”.

He underlined that the coercive measures imposed on Syria are  carried out  due to Syria’s refusal to submit to the European -American obedience , its insistence on fighting evil forces and terrorism on its soil and in the region,

confronting the forces of domination and aggression and rejecting normalizing with the Zionist enemy and not compromising or  retreating from its  firm principles and rights.

Mansour reaffirmed his confidence in Syria's ability to confront  the imposed blockade, as it thus defends the peoples of the entire region , its sovereignty and dignity..


Rawaa Ghanam