Khamenei: The killing and repression by the American administration to its people is the same as what it is doing in Syria and other countries

TEHRAN, (ST) - The leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran, Imam Ali Khamenei, emphasized that the killing and repression by the American administration towards its people during the protests that the United States is currently witnessing was also practiced against the people in Syria and other countries.

Khamenei said in a speech today on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Imam Khomeini that "America's troubled situation and what is happening in it is the emergence of facts that were never hidden, nor are they new," indicating that "the weakness of the US administration in the face of the Corona virus has made its losses greater than other countries”.

Khamenei pointed out that Iran occupies a world-class ranking in the world and its defense force occupies a large rank.

Raghda Sawas