Russian Military Experts : “ Caesar's Law “ an Attempt to Subjugate the Syria People

President of the Russian’s Academy for Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov  has  underlined that undoubtedly   the decision of Western countries to extend unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people depicts     the subordination of the European Union ( EU ) countries    to  the   American agendas and the EU’s non-commitment  to human or  democratic values ..

The Russian military expert explained in an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow on Friday that the Americans and the NATO countries  in general  are trying to destroy the Syrian state as they did in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya.

He pointed out that  the two sides failed   to achieve this plot by direct aggression  or by supporting  terrorist organizations, especially the ISIS and  “Jabhat al-Nussra” .

Ivashov   underscored that  America and the NATO countries have implemented  the policy of economic terrorism  to continue their   aggression against Syria , describing the so-called "Caesar's  Law " against the Syrian people as similar to "Nazism ."

The Russia expert highlighted the importance of  Syria’s relations  with Russia, China, Iran and other countries  in facing the coercive measures imposed on the Syrian state and all those dealing with it, including the three mentioned countries.

On his part, the Russian Expert at the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences  (RARAN) ,  Konstantin Khrenov  said, "The United States and its Western allies continue to implement the policy of sanctions and pressures on Syria  in an attempt to subjugate it ." 

He stressed that the Syrian people will overcome all pressures and hostile measures against it.

Regarding the so-called “Caesar's   Law ” and America’s threat to other countries  in case they  continues to cooperate with Syria, Khrenov affirmed  that the United States is trying to show that Russia and Syria’s  other allies   are unable to help Syria  in its subsequent development, restore its normal life, and rebuild its economy after the victory , which has been achieved  over  International terrorism.

The Russian military expert indicated  that the US   seeks  to show that it is the most powerful country in the world and has the right to impose its will on all other countries.

Rawaa Ghanam