26 people injured in riots by protestors in downtown Beirut: Lebanese Red Cross

BBEIRUT, (ST)- The Lebanese Red Cross announced on Saturday that 26 people were injured in riots by some protestors in downtown Beirut.

The Lebanese National News Agency (NNA) quoted the Red Cross as saying that its medics had transported eight injured people in Beirut demonstrations to hospitals, while 18 injured people were hospitalized in the site.

The agency said that Lebanese army and security forces managed to restore calm in Central Beirut after dispersing the protestors.

 Rioters exploited the demonstrations protesting the deteriorating socio-economic conditions in Lebanon to seek achieving political targets and vandalizing public and private properties.

 The rioters in downtown Beirut smashed stores near the parliament headquarters in an attempt to storm it. They threw stones, water bottles and firecrackers at the Lebanese security forces.

Hamda Mustafa