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The Libyan army is destroying defense systems the Turkish system air force in western Libya

Tripoli,(ST)-The Libyan National Army announced the destruction of defense systems installed by the Turkish regime at the Al-Wattia base Aqabah Bin Nafi, west of Libya.

The Libyan Observer newspaper quoted an official source in the Libyan Army General Command's Air Force Operations Room as saying that "air strikes targeted Hawk radars, air defense systems to disrupt the aforementioned base that the Turkish forces had installed last Thursday in the western part of Al-Wattia base."


The leader of the Libyan army, Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, confirmed last May the determination to continue the war until the liberation of the entire Libyan land from the Turkish invaders and colonists and their mercenaries, stressing that "every Turk who sets foot on the land and every mercenary sent by the fool of Turkey Erdogan and every traitor is a legitimate target for the fire of the Libyan army cannons."

Libya has been suffering since  the NATO aggression against it in 2011 and has been in a state of chaos and lawlessness in light of the proliferation of weapons and terrorist organizations that are trying to impose their influence and control on various cities and regions, especially in the capital Tripoli.

Haifaa Mafalani