Algeria buries 24 Algerian fighters

On July 5, the anniversary of its independence, Algeria buried the remains of 24 anti- French colonial fighters , who were brought from France, at a state funeral that reflects the sacrifices of these heroes.

According to the Algerian News Agency, the funeral procession was launched from the Culture Palace in Algiers with the participation of President Abdel Majid Tabounand. The remains of the martyrs were placed on military vehicles decorated with flowers before heading to their last resting place in the cemetery after the colonial France forcibly deprived them of their natural and human right to bury them in their home land.

This cemetery located in the eastern suburb of the capital includes the martyrs square of the Algerian revolution, where the body of Prince Abdel Qader Al-Jazaery lies-  a symbol of  resistance to colonialism and prominent figures who participated in the liberation revolution between 1954 and 1962.

On July 4, the remains of 24 Algerian resistance fighters against the French colonialism arrived in the Algerian Airport of Houari Boumediene.

O. al-Mohammad