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Turkish regime arrests 19 people under the pretext of their link to 2016 coup attempt

ANKARA, (ST)_ The Turkish regime's authorities have arrested at least 34 people suspected of having links to the Fetullah Organization (FETO), the group that was accused of being behind the 2016 coup in Turkey, Anadolu Agency reported on Wednesday.
The agency said that Local police in the Aegean Izmir province carried out simultaneous operations in five cities.
"At least 19 suspects were arrested, including two expelled police chiefs found to be using ByLock -- FETO's encrypted smartphone messaging app -- and contacting via pay phone," the agency added, pointing out that Security forces are searching for five remaining suspects in Izmir.
In a separate operation in the Mediterranean Antalya province, police arrested 15 suspects and four of them were remanded in custody.
Basma Qaddour