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Iran says US fabricates accusations against others in order to evade responsibility for their inhuman behavior

TEHRAN, (ST)_ Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gave an upbeat report about  the performance of the Government on Thursday in reference to different development projects being inaugurated despite the US sanctions, foreign plots and the coronavirus pandemic.
President Rouhani made the remarks at the online opening ceremony of important projects that will be implemented in southeastern, southern and central Iran.
"Today, we all can see that several projects with 5,800 billion tomans are being inaugurated in the Islamic Republic of   Iran just in a single day," said the president appreciating national efforts.
In another development, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said today that the US is resorting to fabricating accusations against others in order to evade responsibility for their inhuman behavior and criminal acts for which they are accountable.
Abbas Mousavi made the remarks in reference to the five-year blockade put on  Yemeni people by the US and Saudi Arabia which has caused death of thousands of Yemeni children, youth and the elderly.
He rejected claims made by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the United States has seized an Iranian vessel carrying weapons to Yemen, saying that telling lies and spreading hatred are the main parts of the US foreign policy.
World countries should review strategies to resume economic relations
On his part, Iran's Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf called on Asian parliamentarians to approve laws against unjust sanctions in the pandemic era.
He presented two proposals for achieving the goals.
First, the secretariat of the APA should give comprehensive report on Asian parliaments' potentials for getting closer to each other to reach economic and trade prospects.
Second, the Asian parliaments in post-coronavirus era should find ways to develop economic relations, accelerate implementation of agreements among the APA member states and support measures to stand against unfair sanctions which are obstacles to promotion of economic cooperation.
The aims will be achieved when policies and approaches are adopted correctly, Qalibaf stressed.
Parliamentary cooperation is more important today than any other time, said Qalibaf, highlighting big responsibilities for the APA.
World countries should review strategies to resume economic relations [as they have been postponed like other activities and events after the coronavirus outbreak in December 2019], Qalibaf stressed.
Elsewhere at his remarks, Qalibaf called for condemning the US maximum pressures on world nations including Iran and take serious measures against the US inhuman behavior.

Regarding the issue of Palestine, the speaker called on all international communities, particularly APA, to take a firm stance to support the Palestinians and to end the oppressive acts of the Zionist regime [Israel] against the Palestinians.

Compiled by: Basma Qaddour